I am Manuel Neuer - in Bad

I am Manuel Neuer - in Bad

Virtual football is not played from the Couch In Games such as “Fifa” and “Pro Evolution Soccer” will determine the fate of one’s own Eleven via the Gamepad, it is important to have the right Moment, the right ideas, and to press the right buttons.

Football games for virtual reality (VR) in strict more than these buttons acrobatics: this is not working out quite as easily as in the case of “Fifa” – and for some, the action it takes real body. In the goalkeeper Simulator “Final Soccer VR” for example, you should be learning through the motions with the two control in the hands of balls to fend off. The game “Headmaster” is, however, only to head balls. The head ball game is lots of action, must imitate the player with the VR goggles on your head. In a third game, “VRFC”, you have to move for Running his hands up and down.

The editors Markus Böhm and Danial Montazeri have not deterred these features. Do you like to play football games against each other. For the football world Cup, the two have now tested the three Games with the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive Pro (an impression of the Video gives the top of the article). In the Chat you draw up a balance sheet:

Markus: One thing about the football games: you bring a sweat, not just the glasses. I could now go take a shower.

Danial: Well, the games are not. Of “virtual football,” I promised myself much more.

Markus: I had fun, especially with the “Final Soccer VR”. Because I felt like Manuel Neuer – only in the bad. But even more, I was pleased when I was able to wegfausten the Ball changes. And once it started to lightning and thunder, as I was in goal, it was made cool.

Danial: Did you find the fun, as you hit at a Parade of the Controller against the wall?

Markus: So. But since it felt, at least once, as my goal would have been really a post. After that, however, I got myself to the balls, the direction of the pole came, hardly more rank trust.

Danial: I was in the “Final Soccer VR” the idea that you can stick the Controller on the Vive to the Shoe and then by foot to shoot. The had something of real football. But, unfortunately, is not reliable.

Markus: You’re complaining that your Shoe has lost my tape color. But the idea was nice, so it was not necessary to be continuous only a goalkeeper. About the place you couldn’t walk, however, so, unlike in the case of “VRFC”.

Danial: Yes, in the game you could do, after all, more than just Fend off and shoot. But the implementation I found, to be honest, cruel, from the graphics to the controls.

Markus: You’re just expected too much. From the classic football video the VR Games are playing far. And maybe we’re both wrong ideas of what a good VR football game: Might also be a kind of “Fifa”, which is simply wearing a VR glasses and puts you in control by head movement of the camera? Such an idea of the creators of the game “Sociable Soccer, for example, had”.

Danial: It may be that something works. The idea is to shoot yourself goals like Messi and passes to intercept as Busquets and to be cheered, I find enticing. The I wish me and definitely not something like “VRFC”, this cartoon version of a city Park-Kicks.

Markus: Until then, it will take. Until then, I’m going to get well at home again the head to the ball game “Headmaster”. The game simulates only a small part of football, but do it really well. I had to pinch when you head to the ball instinctively eyes, when the cross came in.

Danial: It was funny, right. Only Longer than a half hour, I didn’t want to play the game. In the long term, all three of these VR bored-games – in contrast to “Fifa”.

Markus: Longer than 30 minutes, you shouldn’t play “Headmaster” eh – unless you don’t like the neck spasms.

Danial: Don’t worry, I’m not going to buy the games anyway. Bargain they are with the 20 Euro all.

Markus: You’re right. I think five to ten Euro fair.

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