Humans are still hiding behind Duplex, Google's AI that makes reservations for you

Humans are still hiding behind Duplex, Google's AI that makes reservations for you

Google’s Duplex is a free service available in the United States that uses artificial intelligence to make reservations through the company’s virtual assistant. A recent New York Times article reveals that Duplex still relies on people working in call centers to make sure reservations are made correctly. Google told the Times that about 25% of booking requests made with Duplex are initiated by a human interlocutor, and that about 15% of calls made by AI require human intervention.

The Times journalists Brian Chen and Cade Metz tried to make four reservations with Duplex, and only one of them was made from start to finish by the AI. The other three bookings were made by real people. According to the Times, Google is in no hurry to replace human interlocutors, because they help prevent unsuspected problems that could affect company bosses.

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Duplex is designed to speak like a human and answer a variety of questions, but not completing a reservation is, in the end, a waste of time and business for restaurants and other businesses. Google has presented Duplex as a fully automated service that uses sophisticated technology, so it’s a little ironic that the AI service is so dependent on regular employees. However, the only time in the test where Duplex’s AI was able to fully complete the reservation, the restaurant owner said it was like talking to a real person.

It seems that it will take some time for Duplex to become completely autonomous, but until now, people who use Google Assistant can be sure that someone can intervene in case their reservations go wrong.

Credit: Kevin Webb/Business Insider

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