Huawei presents its AR Glasses with Petal Search at the MWC

Huawei presents its AR Glasses with Petal Search at the MWC

The Chinese technological Huawei has presented at the MWC 2022 several devices (laptops, tablets, an electronic ink screen, mobiles) and, for the first time, has shown the integration of its search engine Petal Search with its smart glasses Huawei Mate. Users can now search for information through a combination of real-time multimodal search capabilities beyond their phones.

For the occasion Huawei is offering everyone who passes by its stand the possibility of visiting Barcelona using their AR glasses, which are able to identify, for example, the Sagrada Familia, and offer information about the monument in several languages. It also works with hotels, restaurants and all kinds of services and shops.

The combination of Petal Search and AR Glasses allows visual, voice command and simultaneous translation searches. This search engine is the alternative that Huawei developed to replace the Google application when the United States banned the Chinese brand from using the Android operating system.

The Chinese brand is also exhibiting its advances with its map system Petal Maps and other applications and tools of its ecosystem such as Smart Office, Huawei Mobile Cloud, AI Search, AppGallery, Assistant-Today, etc.

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