HTC will release a "breakthrough VR glasses" in 2021

HTC will release a “breakthrough VR glasses” in 2021

HTC wants to develop its initial success in the industry of virtual reality. Next year the company will bring to market new VR-glasses, which should be as spectacular as the HTC Vive five years ago.

This was stated by President of HTC in China Alvin van Graylin in an interview with the Director General of the nonprofit organization AIXR Daniel Colaianni, head of the Accenture European technology XR nick rose.

Closer to the end of the interview Colaianni asked Greyline will look like the following HTC VR. Greylin once again confirmed that HTC will release a new VR glasses in 2021, and gave big promises:

“I think that will be the breakthrough device that will please people in the same way as the first Vive. I’m very excited about what lies ahead of us, and I think that it will raise the industry to a new level.”

Comparison with Vive makes draw attention to themselves, because it implies that the upcoming Vive glasses can bring technical innovation. Originally Vive was unique with his track fill the room and controllers, virtual reality, and forced the competitor to the Oculus Facebook look old when you start. HTC was also the first company that introduced the tracking of the whole body and wireless connectivity to PC via wireless adapter.

HTC wants to come back

Comparison with Vive can also mean that the new VR glasses, like the HTC Vive, again aimed at end users, as in 2016. After the failure of Cosmos and a strong orientation in B2B in recent years, this would be an unexpected move.

Currently, all signs point to the successor of Vive Focus 2, a self-sufficient virtual reality glasses, like Oculus Quest 2. It needs to be incorporated into even the very powerful Snapdragon chip XR2. For those who oppose Facebook, and for companies, such a device would be a welcome alternative to the data collector Quest.

Изображение легких очков Vive Proton XR с кабелем

Wired version of the concept points Proton. | Image: HTC

In the beginning of 2020 HTC has introduced a thin VR glasses codenamed Proton, of which, according to statements at the time, planned two versions: fully self-contained VR-glasses and a universal device that connects to a smartphone and can support 5G. This could explain why Greylin speaking in the plural.

The device may be unveiled at CES 2021. In the past HTC has regularly introduced there new VR-products. The world’s largest electronics exhibition will be held from 11 to 14 January in digital format.


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