HTC Vive will present a new product or XR ecosystem today

HTC Vive will present a new product or XR ecosystem today

HTC Vive will announce today what looks like a new device intended for the production of professional VR experiences, surely related to the generation of virtual environments, worlds for its metaverse, or perhaps, requiring the synchronization of multiple Vive Trackers and base stations. For several weeks he has dropped several clues on his social networks, the latest being an event called #Vivemars to be held this Monday.

In the video we see that several operators work on preparations for the creation of a virtual environment. In previous tweets, HTC Vive has been showing silhouettes of its Vive Trackers, talking about “a portal for all your virtual worlds” and the possibility of creating smooth transitions between those worlds and events. He has also shown this new device, which we do not know if it is real or one to generate expectation.

All the clues seem to indicate that HTC Vive will present some kind of ecosystem for the production of experiences that use its XR technology, perhaps for mixed reality events or film productions for which precise motion capture is needed. The device in that photo could be a mini PC, a compact computer, or simply a device to detect and synchronize several Vive Trackers and four SteamVR base stations.

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