HTC Vive Cosmos Elite now available for pre-order

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite now available for pre-order

Last week HTC announced a full line of Vive Cosmos, which were presented three more versions, each of which uses a front panel with various options. Cosmos Elite, upscale option that uses SteamVR Tracking, opens for pre-order from today, with a release date of March 18.


For a full view of the Cosmos series, which now includes the Play Cosmos, Cosmos, Cosmos, Cosmos, and Elite XR, read our review.


Like all headsets, Cosmos, Cosmos Elite is built on the same basic Foundation, which means the same design with the convertibles, Fresnel lens and 1440 × 1700 LCD displays the hardware configuration of IPD. But Cosmos Elite is designed for the virtual reality enthusiasts who want to harness the power of SteamVR Tracking, the same technology external security created by Valve, who worked on all the VR headsets from Vive to the Cosmos.



Although Cosmos Elite technically capable of the same level of tracking inside-out that other Cosmos headset, Elite comes with a unique front panel, covered with sensors that detect the tracking signals from the two external base stations. Despite the fact that Tracking is not SteamVR ease of tracking, it is still considered the gold standard for tracking virtual reality due to its speed, accuracy, coverage and resistance to various lighting conditions.


Because Cosmos Elite uses SteamVR Tracking, it does not use the same controllers as other headsets Cosmos; instead, it uses controllers Vive Wand (“wand”), which was launched with the original Vive.


Vive Cosmos Elite Price, pre orders and release date


Cosmos Elite at a price of $ 900 includes a headset, two basic version of SteamVR Tracking 1.0 (1.0) and two controller Vive.


Pre-orders for the headset has already begun on the company’s website, and the release date Vive Cosmos Elite is scheduled for March 18, just before the release of Half-Life: Alyx on March 23.



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