HRM (human resources management) — workforce management
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    • HRM (human resources management) — workforce management

    HRM (human resources management) — workforce management

    HRM – human resources management

    HRM (human resources management, HR management, HR management) — knowledge and practical activities aimed at attracting to the organization of qualified personnel able to carry out its duties, and its optimal use. Personnel management is an integral part of automated enterprise management systems.

    Various sources can meet other names: human resources management, human capital management (eng. human capital management), personnel management, personnel management.

    The main methods of personnel management, implemented with the help of HRM-systems:

    • Economic: financial incentives and sanctions, funding and loans, salary, cost, profit, price.
    • Administrative: maintaining discipline, assigning responsibility, the use of coercive measures, regulatory documentation functions.
    • Socio-psychological: motivation, moral encouragement, social planning.

    According to Forrester Research, the modern integrated HRM system consists of six main functional blocks responsible for:

    • payroll,
    • accounting staff
    • recruiting,
    • talent management
    • performance management and training.
    • user interaction with the system.

    The main tasks of the HRM system:

    • The staff of the enterprise in accordance with the strategy of its development in the short, medium and long term. Attraction, retention and motivation of skilled personnel.
    • The creation of a system of management training provision, ensuring continuity of management and reduce the risk of human losses.
    • Orientation of service personnel management to achieve operating results.
    • Ensuring the development and training of staff in accordance with the purposes of activity of the enterprise and its units;
    • The implementation of the optimal and low cost accounting functions in the field of personnel management.

    The importance of these tasks for the company said the following fact. According to the American Management Association, the losses associated with replacement of lost company employee can range from 30% to 150% of his annual salary, depending on level of knowledge and skills. Staff turnover is a serious problem that can significantly impair the overall efficiency of the enterprise. To solve it and other problems associated with personnel capable HRM system.

    The solution “Staff”, included in the IT Enterprise, provides automation of the recruiting process, work of the personnel Department, Department of labor and wages, personnel accounting and all tasks related to payroll. Motivation system based on KPIs, gathering and analyzing information about the personnel of the enterprise help to prepare a team of professionals able to solve all problems facing to the enterprise.



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