How to stop developing?
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    How to stop developing?

    This time something not only for people with it, but also for all those who no longer want to deal with news. The desired stagnation, yyy … stabilization is just around the corner. Because stopping development is easier than you think. You can start today! Unfortunately, for visible effects you have to wait a little. It’s like a compound interest. You remember it from school-a small percentage after years gives a big percentage. Or something. It’s about something similar, but different! 0 times 100 is still 0 — no increment is the goal.

    Now I’m going to tell you a secret that few people know about.

    Just be right!

    I say at once that this is not supported by any research. Maybe some American scientists bent over this problem, and I don’t know about it. Nevertheless, I am convinced that I am not mistaken!

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    Just one thing?

    And it’s that simple?

    You probably think it’s a joke, or some bullshit that’s all over the internet. Let me show you the mechanisms that they make it work. And you will see for yourself that it must produce results.

    The belief in faultless judgment effectively eliminates development, because it is clear that you have enough knowledge to make all the decisions. Without proper knowledge, such a conviction would be illogical! It’s a little confusing, but it’s true. Thus, it is clear that having the right and current knowledge are closely related. There is no need to expand knowledge or look for one that could loosen these ties.

    The confirmation effect works in your favor here – psychology clearly says that you will begin to interpret the world around you in such a way as to strengthen the feeling of your infallibility.

    Does the product work? You chose the right solution!

    The client says it was about something completely different? Apparently, the client doesn’t know how to do art. Did your project go as planned? That’s great, as always. right was on your side! Did something go wrong? It’s not your fault.someone else screwed up. If everyone listened to you, it would be okay.

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    Now that we’re with the others, it’s time to face the truth.: lthighs are stupid, and you’re the exception. Maybe there are a few other well-rounded people in the world-for example, your guru from across the ocean. But in general, it’s your coworkers who don’t understand the world, your work and your genius.

    If they’re idiots, they don’t have anything interesting to say., you can’t learn anything from them.. Their observations are not interesting either. The worst part is that you have to work with them and deal with them. What more annoying idiots you can quietly talk behind their backs-let people know who is a particular fool. With good winds, your reputation will benefit.

    Okay, then we know you’re thinking and doing the right thing.

    Great, but what if it doesn’t work? The proposal is one:

    External factors

    Other people are to blame, the ruling party, the bankers, the Freemasonry, the reptilians. Ground that on your side there is no responsibility’cause I couldn’t have done better. Probably there will be someone sympathetic, who does not understand the topic and suggest that something can be changed. Of course he’s wrong. That’s why you’re gonna do it again. – same thing.. And again, to the point of discouragement. That’s the way the world goes, it should be different in general, because the way it is is unfair. But what you do, you do nothing. And I think that’s the most important thing in all of this.

    Or maybe there’s one thing you can do.

    You can prove everyone around you wrong.

    It takes so much time and energy that you will certainly not find the strength to develop, and in the end the time is only 24h.therefore, if you take up such a proof, then do not lecture your unified theory of everything, because people are fools and will not understand it (see above). Focus on attacking them themselves.. If you want to be a master, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the techniques of erysics described by Schopenhauer. They are hilarious-and at the same time very useful!

    To strengthen the belief in their own right judge quickly and without unnecessary thought reality, problems and people.

    You finally have a huge experience and you are able to quickly make a judgment. Doubt is for the weak and those who consider too many aspects at once, getting lost in a thicket of minor, completely irrelevant problems.

    Prioritisation is key. If the ego comes first, then everything will continue to work itself out.

    There is one more important assumption.

    If you answered a question once, don’t ask it again

    You have a task to do from scratch, what technology to use? Maybe you once said I was. Stick with it.. How about Ruby on rails? Excellent answer, still up to date. Best of all, even the details of this task are not very important, since a similar question once had a reasonable answer.

    In general, the forces must be respected, so – to be right at the least cost – do not change anything in your life (and even more so the technology in which you work). Isn’t it better to get better at solving the same problems than making new ones? Rhetorical question. You know better.

    If all goes well, then at the next family party you will meet Uncle Staszek, a master, a man who for 30 years or so has always been right. and the lack of any significant achievements in life. You’re going to have an equal discussion about politics and what it should look like.

    Who knows, you might even feel like you can beat him… 😉



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