How to optimise and extend the battery life Oculus Quest
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    • How to optimise and extend the battery life Oculus Quest

    How to optimise and extend the battery life Oculus Quest

    Being mobile headset, the Oculus Quest has a limited battery life. However, there are several ways to minimize power consumption and extend battery life. Released last year, Oculus Quest has become one of the most successful stories in virtual reality: from Facebook. Due to the fact that more and more people get the Quest, you may need a few tips on how to maximize the battery life, whether you are a new user or owner from the first day of the release of the VR headset.

    Disable auto-activate

    In Quest Oculus enabled by default option "Auto". It means that the Quest will determine when he will be taken, and will turn on automatically so it's ready to go as soon as you put on the headset. Although this can be useful, it also means that the battery can be discharged if you are simply moving the Quest. For example, if you have enabled automatic on and your Quest is in the bag, he may think that someone picks up the headset and from time to time includes her. In the center of the headset above the lens, there is a proximity sensor, which should also trigger detecting something that causes automatic inclusion, but the sensor is quite sensitive and easily activate the headset by mistake. To avoid this, disable automatic inclusion by going to "Settings" (Settings) on the navigation bar and clicking "View all" (See All). On the Device tab (Device) is a submenu of "Power" (Power). There you can disable automatic activation. Please note that this changes the way the headset, and you have to press the side button to Wake it when you put it on the head.

    Enable auto sleep

    Similarly, the automatic inclusion, setup Auto-Sleep in the Quest can be set to a smaller interval to save battery life. Setting the Auto-Sleep for 3 minutes or maybe even less, you can minimize the time your Quest is wasting, if you remove it and forget to translate it into standby mode. You can find the option to automatically sleep in the same place and automatic activation.

    Charge, charge, charge

    This may seem obvious, but the easiest way to manage the battery Quest is to connect it to a charger every time you shoot it. This may seem excessive, but it is easy to forget, and the Quest battery lasts only 2-3 hours, depending on use. A permanent connection between the short sessions would mean that next time you will not be disappointing symbol of discharged battery.

    Disable Wi-Fi between long gaming sessions

    This Council is common to many electronic devices and some people may argue that the benefits are negligible or difficult to measure, but disabling Wi-Fi can lead to less battery power. If Wi-Fi is disabled, the Quest needs to keep one connection less, and even if it will save you only a few percent of playing time, it's worth it. If you do not plan to use the Internet, you can disable Wi-Fi during regular sessions of virtual reality. However, if you are unable to charge your Quest between sessions, disabling Wi-Fi will also ensure preservation of the maximum possible battery life. Just keep in mind that while this will save battery life, turn off Wi-Fi will also mean that Quest will not be able to download updates and automatically install them in the background.

    To enable sleep mode

    When you take the Quest, he immediately shuts down. Depending on how you set the configure automatic sleep mode (as mentioned earlier), it will idle for a specified period of time before going into standby mode. To save more battery, get used to pressing the power button immediately after removing the headset. This ensures that your Quest goes into standby mode and does not waste time "idling".


    Similarly, turn off Wi-Fi if you know that you are not going to use Quest for a long time and want to preserve battery power, turn off Quest. You can do this by holding down the power button to the right of the headset and selecting "shutdown", that will disable the Quest instead of going into standby mode.

    To use the battery

    One of the ways to add an extra battery in your Quest for longer sessions is to get a battery that can charge the quest during the game. Although there are many batteries that can be connected to a Quest and kept in the pocket during the game, there is one particular battery that you can recommend — VR Power. Power VR is a specially designed rechargeable battery pack for the Oculus Quest, which simultaneously performs the function of a counterweight and battery. It attaches to the back of the headset through the strap, which improves comfort when using the headset, and significantly prolongs battery life and game time. Source



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