How to de-stress a programmer

How to de-stress a programmer

Do you often have a headache and can’t concentrate on coding? Over and over again, you catch infections that effectively prevent you from completing your project? Or maybe you have stomach problems, constantly distracting from the computer? Dear programmer, this may mean that you’re stressed out.. And this one can effectively shorten lives. You can’t eliminate him, with the rest-that’s not the point.

Stress is your defense mechanism, it’s supposed to mobilize you in a moment of danger. That’s when hormones like adrenaline or cortisol and they’re the ones that kick you. Useful when you’re running away from a wild animal or you have to pull yourself up by hanging over a cliff because a bridge has blown under you. However, in everyday life too frequent use of this booster will not work for your health.

Your profession is more dangerous than you thought. The risk assessment of a professional programmer says that you are not only at risk of overload of the locomotor system as a result of forced position (prolonged work at the computer). You’re in danger of hitting solid objects (head in the monitor when the code was supposed to work, not work), ocular overload (poor lighting, too long working at the computer before the deadline) and electric shock (when there is an electrical puncture in the computer case or when you bite the power cord out of anger at repeated bugs). The developer is exposed to neuropsychiatric stress (frustration over data loss, tight deadlines).

There’s no time to lose! Release yourself from stress. About how important is rest, we already wrote in the article rested programmer, and now it is worth paying a little attention to the issue of getting rid of stress. Give your boss some ideas on how to relieve programmer stress. You can use one of the following solutions.

Billiard table

Few things soothe you as effectively as a quick game of pool. Cloth-covered table, perfect in its shape and a stick in his hands. What more do you need? Even creaking while rubbing the chalk of the stick will not upset you. Leaning over the table, you will feel that Your problems are about to be symbolically shoved into a puddle along with the bill. And Bach, one after the other! Green, purple, yellow, blue, brown, black … oops! But the stress has left you, hasn’t it? If you really don’t like to lose, maybe decide on another way of stress relief.

Game console

A few minutes on the console. That’s it! : 3 Choose: shooter, adventure, RTS? You rub your hands together in excitement and fire up the console. It’s about to start! Well, maybe in a moment, because immediately there is a login error. Finally, for the fifteenth time, it worked! You’re off. You admire the beauty of the next locations in 4K Ultra HD, lead the hero, smoothly solving the next quests. There is a problem with the sound, something interrupts. Is the headset not working again? For this image appears and disappears. With increasing desperation, you improve HDMI, which does not properly connect the console and TV. You’re sweating. You’re tightening your grip on the controller. Another quest. Decisive. And then everything stops. In a fit of rage, you bite through a malicious HDMI cable. No, give up the console, though.

Comfortable puff

How about a little less active relaxation? You could use a comfy puff for that. The bigger the better. Find a poof so big you’d rather be lying on it than sitting on it. You close your eyes, take deep breaths and exhales. You feel like you’re falling asleep. You feel … something in your back. The pellet that fills the puff must have broken in one place, and it seeps in like a guilty conscience that you’re lying here while your teammates sweat over the next lines of code.

It’s okay, but you’re still trying to escape into the dream world. But he still believes! Change of position on the poof. Now he believes elsewhere! You open your eyes enraged and already in your head there are brilliant plans how to take revenge on this ghostly puff. Already with the eyes of the imagination you can see how you are washing out the granule with a knife… but would Active stress be a better solution?

Pull-up bar

Stress is best removed with physical exertion. The pull-up bar is a convenient solution that can be installed in virtually any room. Just practice your stress. American therapists often recommend regular exercise to their patients. In this way, you can not only strengthen the muscles, but also increase resistance to stress. Shall we begin? Sure! You approach the pole with confidence. You’re about to show me what you can do. A couple of pull-ups and you grab the stress by the throat. Ready? You’re grabbing the pole. You’re pulling up. One and … one.  Did you lose all your strength after the first pull? Immediately there was muscle pain? To hell with the stick.

Bicycle racing

However, the direction with physical effort for stress relief was good. Maybe it was just the choice of stick that was unlucky. But the physical activity on the pole does not end there. How about a more traditional solution, which is cycling? In the office? You’re tapping your forehead. This may be an unconventional idea, but it has already been proven in practice. Once in the Polish branch of Luxoft, the directors raced on bicycles around the office with employees, and the results were recorded on a large board. Will you take up the challenge? Perhaps this way you will relieve stress instantly.

Okay, you hop in the saddle, put your feet on the pedals, squeeze the steering wheel. Go. You’ve had a great time since the beginning. No problem getting ahead of that front-end smarty-pants.who sits at the desk across from you. Another turn. You’re in a whirl. You can already see the finish line at the water distributor. You pedal faster. Colleagues are lagging behind. Come on! Come on! And then you realize your bike’s brakes aren’t working. And the wall is getting closer and closer. Oops!

Why don’t you go for a walk? Take a break from the computer. Go to a nearby park and sit on a bench. Don’t forget to wear an anti-fog maskthe air is so polluted today. Excuse me? Are the anti-fog masks stressing you out?

Relaxation and breathing

And finally-relax your muscles and take a few deep breaths. So little and so much at the same time! You’ll appreciate these simple steps if you start doing them.

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