How to become an undisputed master of programming

How to become an undisputed master of programming

Those who have turned their careers towards programming have already won the battle against the modern labour market. It will not be surprising to find that the demand for good programmers is constantly growing.

The acquisition of technical skills, which are in high demand in the market, is extremely valuable. However, in order to become a programmer who is recognized by the best polish and foreign companies, it is necessary not only to know several programming languages. So-called soft skills are increasingly being tested during interviews. It depends on them whether the employee will integrate with the whole team, whether he will bring innovative ideas to the company and whether he will last 12 rounds in the company or only 4-as in amateur boxing. So what skills are necessary to be like Mike Tyson or Manny Pacquiao in the programming world?

Quick response, i.e. openness to change

Changes in the IT industry are more frequent than in any other sector. Specialists need to keep up to date with current technologies, learn modern tools and acquire new skills. Otherwise, it may quickly turn out that the developer was knocked out by colleagues who reacted faster to the current market demand.

Openness to change is also evident in Agile methodology, in which software is developed incrementally. Although scrum work is structured in some ways, the rapidly changing customer expectations require the flexibility of software developers.

Victory is always the result of teamwork

A boxer will not become world champion of the WBC federation if he does not have a good team. When creating in agile, the ability to work in a group is important. This methodology requires frequent meetings-both everyday and summarizing a certain stage.

In addition, working in an IT company, the programmer does not create a project alone-he is part of a team of developers. It also works with other departments whose members often have less knowledge of the code. Here comes the ability to properly convey information. The developer must provide clear and comprehensive arguments for the conversation: the trader, project manager or customer support manager with customers.

The ability to communicate is especially important for programmers, because they need to convey information to others in an understandable way. Communication is also important when working within a department. Some programmers work with us remotely, and the transmission of information “at a distance” is not easy-says Ewa szafrańska, recruitment specialist at i-systems.

Situation analysis and left hook in bugi

Left hook is characterized by a fairly short distance and check where the opponent is not protected. A good programmer is an inquisitive programmer who carefully checks the work done to detect possible errors.

When creating dedicated e-commerce software, you also need to know the business run by the client. Properly conducted business analysis allows you to better understand the needs of the client and implement the project in accordance with his ideas.

Focus on the Goal brings victory

Goal orientation is an extremely important feature of a programmer. Its task is to create code, thanks to which the system will work in a predetermined manner. Before starting work, the programmer knows what the effect of his actions should be.

Looking for a new job or wanting to advance in your current company, in addition to hard skills such as work experience, knowledge of frameworks, or design patterns, it is also worth strengthening soft skills. Thanks to them, you can get the PHP Federation championship belt.


Martyn Kurzel

PR & Marketing i-systems Department

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