How does artificial intelligence, what it means for people
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    • How does artificial intelligence, what it means for people

    How does artificial intelligence, what it means for people

    – The development of artificial intelligence, which in recent time we see it very quickly. Recently, artificial intelligence beat the man in the Japanese game of go, for a long time considered to be difficult for artificial intelligence, which after all, ‘ve learned to win with people in chess. This is the latest achievement surpassed another barrier, at least in the minds of people about the possibility of artificial intelligence, says Professor Adam Wierzbicki, Vice President for research at the Polish-Japanese Academy of information technology.

    According to scientists years 2040-2050 will be the first in history, the period in which artificial intelligence will reach human features or they precede. If a few years ago, the computer Deep Blue (IBM) beat chess champion, and the computer Watson (IBM) won the TV quiz Jeopardy, just recently, AlphaGo program ” in It, i.e., in a difficult Board game, invented in China more than 2.5 thousand years ago, a multiple world champion.

    We teach students of artificial intelligence, control robots with artificial intelligence, data mining tools of machine learning. It seems to me that real progress in this area will be made up in a special narrow areas like machine learning or reactive management system for various devices, not just robots. These are the areas where really evolving technology, says Wierzbicki.

    The IDC in 2016 show that the volume of the market of virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) can grow from 5.2 billion in 2016 to 162 billion in 2020. Communicating with each other and “thinking” device, are increasingly finding application in smart homes. First, however, useful in business. Serve in particular for vehicle monitoring or improving industrial processes. As can be seen, however, from the report prepared by the White House, artificial intelligence will influence not only on the labor market and the economy, but also on the functioning of entire peoples. This is, according to some experts, carries the warning that artificial intelligence – especially samoświadoma may be dangerous for humanity.

    – There are people who believe in the so-called singularity, the advent of true artificial intelligence: a self-aware, students and modyfikującej whether rozmnażającej. Only it’s still fiction, – said the expert.

    Forecasts say about 29 billion things connected to the Internet by 2022. Currently, all actions that may be performed by artificial intelligence created by man. Such a large number of devices connected to the network, however, may be for a person destroys, as indicated by the recent behavior of the artificial intelligence system by Google Deep Mind, which is a simple computer game in the rivalry with the same management, he started behaving more and more aggressive. This may indicate that the thinking machines when they are used improperly, can be dangerous for humanity.

    But I’m a skeptic, if we are talking about the creation of such a self-aware artificial intelligence in the genre of a Matrix that Skynet is stressed Wierzbicki.

    Currently, progressive robotization and computerization is seen primarily as a threat to jobs. Robots are increasingly replacing humans, primarily in manufacturing and industry. The Oxford Martin School study show that technological progress for 10-20 years, almost half of all American competitions can be computerized. In Poland, the risk of competition are food industry workers, employees of the administration or truckers (report Wise “can a robot take You to work? Sectoral analysis of computerization and robotization of the European labour markets”).

    – I think that progress will be upowszechniał, but rather, we were looking for many different applications of artificial intelligence, but only some of them will be checked. Don’t fully believe in it to replace humans everywhere except in the areas where they really are very repetitive work, which this automation can bring real economic income. While there is no General artificial intelligence that can solve all the problems until each time the creation of a system with artificial intelligence to solve some problems, it will be very expensive,” says Professor Adam Wierzbicki.



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