How does a programmer take care of a laptop?

How does a programmer take care of a laptop?

The computer is, of course, the basic tool in the work of a programmer, the most faithful friend, for some coders it is also true, great love. However, let’s leave these high-flown tirades, limiting ourselves to the observation that a decent desktop PC is widely used in the offices of IT companies, often with several monitors connected to it. It looks like a real command center, like a room at NASA.

However, the work of coders does not always end after leaving the office. Some of them perform their duties also from home, remotely. Outside the office, coders are often no longer waiting for a desktop computer, but their most private, personal and favorite laptop. It is known that such equipment in the hands of the programmer is usually intensively used. However, this does not mean that the coder does not care about his electronic pet. On the contrary! Let’s not forget that the laptop in the hands of the programmer must propel.must function perfectly, like perfectly written code. To do this, the coder does not leave his laptop only for intensive use. We asked our fellow programmers how they take care of their portable computers. That’s what we heard.

The art of carrying a laptop

What’s a laptop for? It is obvious-to use. But let’s not forget that it’s also used for … transportation. There’s nothing like sitting comfortably on the couch and firing up your laptop. In such conditions, you can code all day, especially when you have a piece of pizza at hand. Even the coder, who plans to consume dinner, can easily move to the dining room and at the table continue to work with one hand, with the other emptying a plate of broth with a spoon.

These and various other situations are connected by the issue of moving the laptop from one place to another. There seems to be nothing special about it. However the coder who really loves his laptop never moves it on. Moving equipment like this is always a risk, perhaps not as great as driving a car with a broken brake system, like a collision with a meteorite or watching a low-quality TV show, but nevertheless, the danger exists.

Therefore, the responsible programmer moves his laptop off, or at least dormant. In the event of a fall, there is a better chance that the equipment will continue to work. When moving the laptop, the encoder also closes the flap carefully so that an accidental impact does not damage the die. It is also important how to move the equipment-the conscious owner does it with both hands, and not just holding the horn, because then the stresses of the housing can damage the BGA connections. No coder who values his laptop will also carry it by holding the flap of the die.

Cleanliness above all!

Although the stereotypical programmer is not associated with a master of cleaning, and the perfect mistress of the house could often blame him, in fact, with cleanliness in coders is not at all bad. They are particularly good at keeping their laptops clean. If you think that the keyboard of such a computer is most often stained with ketchup and covered with crumbs of food, and the screen is decorated with the remains of an extremely spicy sauce, you may be disappointed.

The programmer knows perfectly well how to take care of your laptop. With great sensitivity and a high degree of urgency, he regularly cleans the keyboard and cooling system, wielding it in his fearless coder’s hands compressed air. Not only that, he can also take care of the Matrix, caressing it gently special cloth for LCD monitors, friendly to liquid crystal coatings and does not cause terribly annoying scratches.

Battery in a coder laptop

It turns out that for many programmers the most important element of the laptop is the battery. Well, the power must be! The battery is is an escape from the yoke of the cable, it is independence, flexibility and mobility.

Unfortunately, with the life of cells in laptops can be different. You should be prepared for the fact that many times the battery will wear out faster than the laptop itself. However, the encoder is well aware that proper care of the cell can effectively extend its life. The key here is to pull out the cable, or more precisely, to remove the plug from the socket. The developer understands that there is no better way to ensure excellent battery performance than to use it regularly. The battery should be partially discharged (preferably by more than 10%) several times a month without mains power, and electronic circuits will classify this as a proportional fraction of the discharge cycle.

The coder realizes that completely discharging the battery is not at all beneficial for him. It worked with the old nickel-cadmium cells, but the lithium-ion cells don’t need it anymore. On the other hand, the programmer does not crash when the battery of his laptop eventually runs out. After all, this is an opportunity to replace the battery with a new one, who knows, maybe even with a larger capacity.


In general, coders are very attached to their laptops, and the latter reciprocate this sympathy with impeccable action. Well, unless they break down. Then attachment can quickly turn into anger. And there’s nothing worse than an angry programmer. By the way, if you want to find out what upset the coding experts, we invite you to read our article 6 ways to annoy the coder.

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