How a visit to the Miniatur Wunderland

How a visit to the Miniatur Wunderland

From this year’s E3 press conferences, I had promised me more Revolutionary. I had hoped to be the first Virtual Reality games that are more than just short Demos with a simple game principle. I had at least expected the announcement that the well-known series such as “Assassin’s Creed”, “Mass Effect” or “Mirror’s Edge” VR-get offshoot.

The VR games I’ve tried so far, reminded me often of mobile Apps, with challenges at the level of the first Wii Sports. The games were some of the rounds impressive, messengers, but too little to stay in the long term. Too fast, you had to figure out how to bowlt successfully and the Tennis against his friends is.

While Sony announced at its E3 presentation in Essence, a Three-against-Three-person Shooter for his Project Morpheus, took Microsoft more time for its data eyewear experiments. On the stage was projected to be a carrier of the HoloLens glasses a small “Minecraft”world on a wall, on a table. For the HoloLens wearer the blocks-landscape near to the rail, using voice commands, he interacted with the virtual world. An original concept, but it remained unclear whether the Whole is more than a nice presentation.

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Here is a lot of time to spend

At the E3 booth from Microsoft, I had Tuesday the opportunity to explore a good 15 minutes of self via the HoloLens is a “Minecraft”map. My first impression: Alone with the Gaze of the world, I could have the Rest of the day to spend. The principle of the so-called Augmented Reality, unlike the virtual reality of the fact that you can see the real space, the glasses, the display can be shown in your own field-of-view, however, figures, or objects – the reality is somewhat expanded.

First, it was explained to me, as I project a “Minecraft”game-screen on a wall, either in the dimensions of a beamer picture, or just so big I can capture a clear view of everything. With a Xbox One Gamepad, I was able to move my small figure as in the normal “Minecraft” by the world, a player without a HoloLens was my Guide.

More impressive it was, as I gazed from the wall on a table, where by voice command, a virtual world appeared. Probably for the presentation of pre-made map, I could look at now via the HoloLens from every angle. With the word “Closer” zooming in I, “Overview” I ended up back in the initial plan view.

I could but of course also simply to take a step back or in the direction of the table. If I do so, as if I hold the card firmly, can be upwards, downwards, or to move the pages, and until then, the non-visible parts of the show up – everything is as in the Microsoft presentation.

Warning, A Lightning Strike!

With my eyes I take control of a small Cursor, and can determine, for example, where lightning strikes I’ll take command Lightning Strike on the way. With the Lightning animals can attack, but also explosive crates to explode. The Cursor-control seemed to be still a bit notchy, but you have to remember that it was an Alpha Version of “Minecraft” for a HoloLens-prototypes-both products are long yet ready for the market.

That you can “play Minecraft” with the HoloLens as well as on a PC or on the console, I can’t imagine after the self-test really. The Build is probably with keyboard and mouse or a Gamepad, and the usual view is much easier. However, the Option to friendly players in a multi player game with the HoloLens from the top, bottom, or wherever to watch, fascinated me.

Through the HoloLens considered reminiscent of the “Minecraft”world, more than ever, to a real Lego structures or to Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland – a wonderful virtual place to relax. For parents whose children play “Minecraft”, the HoloLens version is probably the best way to understand this Hobby. You could watch as your kids change the world, and if you don’t want partout come to dinner, they send a couple of flashes on the map.

Current HoloLens Version: when the data glasses comes on the market, is yet unknown

>Current HoloLens Version: when the data glasses comes on the market, is yet unknown

“Project X-Ray” is missing the “Minecraft”-charm

In addition to “Minecraft” has introduced me to Microsoft, another HoloLens game, with the working title “Project X-Ray”. In this Shooter I was attacked a few minutes of nasty creatures that came through simulated holes from the walls of the performance space. With my look, I could take you to the visor, with a Gamepad-shoulder button to shoot.

The Shot of the creatures I was able to Dodge the fact that I just ran to the other side of the room. I also was able to escape the attacks by a right time to Bend down or To the side-Backs. From time to time I had the Chance to look at with an x-ray function through the walls and see where the creatures are.

“Project X-Ray” has certainly made it fun and was more physically as a playful challenge. In the comparison shown in “Minecraft”-alpha version was missing the game, the charm of the well-Known, the feeling of “I’ve seen this game never”.

Glasses under the goggles possible

The glasses prototype, the I wore in both Demos, wasn’t an easy one, I felt hemmed, but less than under the VR goggles. In the case of “Project X-Ray” would have allowed the field of view for my taste a little bigger. Well, I found that I was able to wear my normal glasses: The HoloLens Display is pushed a bit further from my face.

In the Video: Virtual Reality at E3

When Microsoft launched the HoloLens on the market, is not yet known. Also, what platform they are working together – it’s just Windows 10, or maybe even the Xbox One? – retains Microsoft until now.

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