Hideo Kojima is Rumored to be Working on a VR Game

Hideo Kojima is Rumored to be Working on a VR Game

Could Metal Gear Solid VR be on the way?

According to rumors, legendary video game developer and industry star Hideo Kojima may be working on his own VR game.

According to a tweet from OopsLeaks, a Twitter account dedicated to rumors and leaks about video games, the award-winning game designer, director, producer and writer currently owns the recently announced PlayStation VR2 and may be in the development of a new indie project together with Celine Tricart, an award-winning director specializing in VR, MR and XR stories.

Citing “unconfirmed” sources, OopsLeaks claims that the game may be a “smaller” project developed by Kojima Productions, the original game studio founded by Kojima in 2015 after a public break with Konami. This information is consistent with a recent interview with Tokyo radio station J-Wave Radio, in which Kojima shed additional light on several upcoming projects.

During the interview, Kojima said that the studio is working on a “kind of” project, unlike anything we’ve played before. This is not a traditional game, the project will have a “different concept” than the one we are familiar with. However, Kojima hastened to clarify that this is not an AR game, and then abruptly cut himself off so as not to reveal too much.

Even though Kojima has no shortage of original IP’s that he can use (Metal Gear Solid, Death Stranding, P.T.), I can’t help but hope that this upcoming VR experience, if it exists, will have an original plot and background. Nevertheless, I would not refuse the official VR adaptation of P.T., although several fan creations have already done a phenomenal job of recreating the sensations of the infamous horror movie.

However, given that Kojima called the upcoming game an “indie project”, most likely we can expect a more simplified VR experience, if there is one at all.

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