Has the Vermillion developer shown his app using the Cambria viewer?

Has the Vermillion developer shown his app using the Cambria viewer?

Thomas van den Berge, the creator of the Vermillion oil painting application, which launched last summer for PC viewers, has posted on his Twitter account a video in which he claims to be using the Cambria viewer in what appears to be a mixed reality mode through a full-color Passthrough.

It is not strange that there are already developers who can have the new high-end viewer of Meta, we saw a couple of weeks ago that it appeared as Seacliff in the Oculus mobile application, but it is surprising that this video has been published, since they will surely have had to sign some confidentiality agreement, an informative embargo that perhaps Thomas van den Berge has skipped.

In the video the palette, brush, sample drawing and easel are shown with the picture that has begun to paint virtually, having as background what looks like a real room that is seen in full color and with great definition, which would be a demonstration of the quality that would be achieved with the Passthrough and the viewfinder cameras The Cambria Project, device with RGB cameras and pancake lenses, the launch of which is expected this year.

However, the video shows that the drivers he uses are the Meta Quest 2 Touch, so perhaps that allusion to using “his Cambria viewer” is just a way to deceitfully announce that he has developed a version of Vermillion for Quest.

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