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Digital Foundry plays games not like all the others: the project participants examined under a microscope, each pixel and measuring the rate of appearance of each frame. Therefore, the results of the year they have devoted not General impressions of the video game and the technical achievements of the industry.

According to John Linneman (John Linneman) and Alex Battaglia (Alex Battaglia) from DF, 2020, has been very generous with breakthrough graphics. Like, it’s especially surprising when you consider how difficult it turned out a year because of the pandemic COVID-19.

Linneman and Battaglia chose nine games of 2020 with all the cool technology. Why nine? Because.

9. Minecraft RTX

According to DF, RTX Minecraft allows us to look to the future and at least one eye to assess the advantages of path tracing — an advanced version of ray tracing. The game would have given the place higher, but all other graphics are too simple. However, the reasons are clear: the path tracing is extremely costly and is now capable of delivering decent frame rates in games with simple assets.

8. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

DF was very impressed with what Moon Studios has reached Unity. Despite the fact that it’s a platformer in two dimensions, the graphics are three-dimensional and relies on very serious effects like high quality depth of field and illusion of dynamic light on surfaces that are painted like paint.

And with all of its twists Ori and the Will of the Wisps are extremely smartly works on all platforms (especially after patches) — gives 120 fps on PC and NextGen and 60 fps even on a much more humble Nintendo Switch.

7. DOOM Eternal

New shooter id is committed to ensuring that DF has been described as “arcade level of perfection”, is extremely responsive and together with the technically advanced game in what was considered the projects on the arcade machines in the 90s. Eternal DOOM works with a lot of geometry, particles, animations and high-resolution textures in the frame, but this lifts the minimum level to 60 fps.

Shooter optimized so great that can reach 500 fps on a home computer and 1,000 fps on overclocked. Separately, DF celebrates the fact that Eternal DOOM was not afraid to use the API Vulkan. In the future the developers have promised to add to its engine ray tracing — DF looking forward to when it will happen.

6. A remake of Demon’s Souls

Believes that DF is the most amazing release of Bluepoint at the moment. In the remake of the excellent animation and tessellation, and also very fast loading.

Particularly strong DF like rich shadows. They say that FromSoftware has always dreamed of something like this is evident, for example, early versions of Dark Souls II, where there was a dense, dark shadows, which had to rely on a torch in his hand. A Bluepoint like realize the dream of FromSoftware to life and added in a remake of the beautiful sophisticated shade of all sorts.

5. The Last of Us Part II

Naughty Dog has always offered a top-end visual design, but in The Last of Us Part II has surpassed himself, said DF. Because of the peculiarities of the setting in the game, little electric lights, so the team had to focus on the natural lighting that, in current technological realities is particularly difficult.

The Last of Us Part II rely on baked lighting that may not sound too cool, but really gives great results thanks to the hard work and outstanding artistic merit. Details are: Naughty Dog made sure that every element looks natural, so even the ropes here look very good.

DF also notes animation: they use the method of matching motion, similar to what applies to Ubisoft in For Honor. Because of this, even the longest combo of the different actions look as if it was one seamless animation.

4. Half-Life: Alyx

Graphically the new game Valve created at the level of The Last of Us Part II, convinced DF. Here an absurd amount of detail in the objects, and baked light skillfully highlights each roughness of the surrounding world. This is especially important, because Alyx — a game for VR, where we have a lot to consider the items in close proximity.

Animation with motion matching is also top-notch, and character models. DF really want to see what the Source 2 engine, if you create a game for a traditional display, where graphics can be unscrewed even stronger.

3. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Here, the best technologies of rendering of clouds and sky in General, which now exist in video games, says DF. The developers of Microsoft Flight Simulator have implemented a lot of unique elements — for example, the game meticulously calculates the physics of how light rays should break through a layer of clouds.

In addition, MFS insanely detailed planes, and the Earth was created on a scale of one to one and distance of the flight looks incredibly believable. In the end, the whole picture is composed almost photorealism. DF remembers stories from Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer): the developers showed him some videos, and then he asked me to demonstrate the game itself. It turned out that it was a game, and Spencer took her for recording the actual flight.

2. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Open worlds in themselves to eat a lot of CPU resources, and the ray trace and does the appetite becomes inordinate, says DF. The stranger looks raytracing in Miles Morales, where reflections show everything right to the horizon. According to DF, the trace in the exclusive PS5 good even compared to what you can do top PC.

In Miles Morales plenty of other technological achievements. For example, here’s great worked the rendering of hair. This is a difficult time that was not given to the games of the outgoing generation, and in Miles Morales felt, how different are people from different backgrounds.

1. Cyberpunk 2077 (only on the PC with a powerful graphics card)

Cyberpunk 2077 sights on the incredibly ambitious task — to take the details of the level of The Last of Us Part II and Half-Life: Alyx and stretch it over the huge open world. DF remembers, say, CD Projekt RED was accused of that in The Witcher 3 , the Studio made compromises for consoles, so Cyberpunk 2077 developers like wanted to forget about limitations. Even ray tracing is done on a large scale and affects not just the local scenes and global illumination. Cyberpunk 2077 was a great technological game for growth.

But the elephant in the room not be able to ignore: according to DF, Cyberpunk 2077 in its current form should not have to release on consoles last generation — so it is terrible. However, strangeness is the PC: of Linneman says that reflection on the method screen space reflections to the highest settings the game is almost as demanding as ray tracing. It’s such an absurd situation that Lineman sneaks from her laughter.

In the end, Digital Foundry have listed games that were not included in the main list, but worthy of mention:

  • Dreams for a unique alternative method of rendering. Instead of the standard triangles does the rendering according to the method of raymarching model as if molded from clay.
  • Teardown for a fully deformable voxel environment. Another exotic way of rendering. He may not become widespread in the future, but to see him still very interesting.
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake for the overall very high technical quality. Upset only point of the problem — somewhere a long the textures are loaded (or not loaded at all), somewhere assets corny bad. Perhaps the game has reached the limits of the PS4, and the PC and PS5 will Shine with new colors.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for a good combination of shadows based on ray tracing and high performance. Shadows traced remarkably accentuate the highly detailed environments.
  • Ghost of Tsushima for a great sense of the scale of the world and beautiful system of the leaves where falling leaves, trees, bushes and grass look dimensional and believable.
  • DOOM 64 for meticulous porting with accurate adherence to the original. The developers are so thoroughly recreated all the features of rendering the original version, even moved the texture filtering on the basis of three samples, typical for games on the Nintendo 64. Virtually all other devices that support filtering using four samples. According to DF, the developers of Nightdive Studios for the sensibilities of respect for the source material can easily compete with Bluepoint.
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