GoPro wants to build their own drones

GoPro wants to build their own drones

The action camera manufacturer GoPro has expanded its range of products. As the company’s CEO Nick Woodman said on Wednesday at the American Code Conference, to come within twelve months of the two new products to the market. To help GoPro, in the business areas of Virtual reality (VR) and drones to penetrate.

For one, it is a holder in cube Form, which carries six GoPro cameras. These devices of the type Hero4 take in from different directions at the same time, high-resolution photos or video clips. By using the company’s own editing software Kolor can also be added to the Material to produce high-resolution spherical images. The recordings can then be used for applications with virtual reality (VR) can be used.

For consideration of the motif sequences of the VR-based Data to headsets like the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. But even for those who has no this VR glasses, has a Chance to see the Material. On PC and Smartphones interested parties using the Kolor App or YouTube’s 360-degree experience-mode, also an all-round view.

Own drone is planned

At the conference, Woodman also gave an Outlook on another product, a drone. This device is part of it, is something like the ultimate accessory, the GoPro head. The four propellers driven Quadcopter, you should be able to, for aerial use.

Manufacturers, who have been offering GoPro compatible drones, is not likely to be happy on this product announcement, absolutely. However, even if GoPro is working on in-house solutions that wished to continue its cooperation with other drone manufacturers, the Tech magazine “Re/code”.

The production of its own drones is a logical step, commented on the Online magazine “Cnet” the message. Even now, on a regular basis with GoPro cameras equipped drones would rise to take pictures and video clips for real estate companies, or film sequences for cinema films.

The prices are still unknown

Offered at what price the new devices are to be, has not Woodman betrayed. While the all-Round camera system is planned for 2015, it is planned to, the sale of the drone for the first half of 2016.

That GoPro has to be in a hurry to widen its product range with the verb, may be also due to the fact that the company in its business, the field of prominent competition threatens: In January, Apple analysts had mixed with the registration of a patent in light of excitement. The Patent relates to cameras mounted on Bicycle helmets and goggles, and especially in sporting activities should be used. As a result, the GoPro’s share price slumped in the meantime, up to 15 percent.

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