Google's cardboard virtual reality

Google's cardboard virtual reality

Invented by two Frenchmen, the Google Cardboard wants to democratize a technology still too inaccessible.

The story of Cardboard begins as the beginning of a joke. On June 25, 2014, Sundar Pichai, then vice president of Google, is on the stage of Google I/O, the annual conference of developers of the American group. In his hands, a piece of cardboard. “You come here to see our gadgets, and here is our latest find!”he announces proudly. The audience laughs, but not for very long. Sundar Pichai is very serious: he holds in his hands the future of Google in virtual reality.

“Virtual reality is not yet of interest to the general public outside of video game players “

Damien Henry, co-creator of Cardboard

Cardboard is a UFO in the small world of virtual reality headsets. Already because of its raw material. It is almost entirely made of cardboard (“carboard” in English), except two lenses for the eyes and a little metal fabric. The secret of the power of Cardboard, its own users already own it. All they have to do is slide a recent smartphone (Android or iOS, Apple’s operating system) into a slot provided for this purpose. The Cardboard fits into

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