Google wants to bring Android to the VR-glasses

The search engine giant Google is active on many fronts. The group produces Smartphones and Tablets, developed self-driving cars, and much, much more. Now, the company wants to enter probably the area of Virtual reality (VR). According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Google is supposed to have a team of developers to develop a Version of Android for VR goggles.

Android version for the Virtual reality

There are already versions of Android for Smartwatches, Smartphones, Tablets, and even soon, even cars. In the near future, then, could also be a Version for VR-headsets like the Okulus Rift. The WSJ reported, citing insider sources. How far the development has progressed, the report is not clear. But, that Google has to make the System available free of charge.

Google has already taken the first steps in the area of VR

The VR technology is still in its infancy, but interest from large Tech companies to appropriate technologies continues to increase. Sony is entering the VR-glasses-Morpheus for the PlayStation 4 next year, the market, and also HTC has unveiled the Vive at the Mobile World Congress, VR-glasses. The Google competitor Facebook has already bought in the last year en VR glasses Oculus Rift. A free operating system for VR glasses could motivate more and more manufacturers own VR glasses manufacture.

Also, for Google would be an Android Version for VR glasses the first contact with Virtual reality. With Project Cardboard, the company introduced last year at the Google I/O ine instructions for making your own Virtual Reality glasses.

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