Google shows a prototype of AR glasses

Google shows a prototype of AR glasses

During the celebration of the Google I / O 2022 event: Advancing knowledge and computing, the company showed improvements in several of its products and technologies (YouTube, Maps, Meet, etc.) and spent some time talking about AR, presenting it as the evolution of current computing. To illustrate this concept, he showed the use of AR glasses as a simultaneous translator in the following video.

AR capabilities are already useful on phones, and the magic will really come to life when they can be used in the real world without technology getting in the way. That potential is what excites us the most about AR: the possibility of dedicating time to what matters in the real world, in our real life.”

For Google, the great advantage of AR is that it will allow us to perform tasks in the virtual world while still being present in the real one. The video shows a prototype or concept of glasses that use augmented reality to facilitate communication, to overcome language barriers, another of the fields in which the company works, which yesterday added 24 new languages to your Google Translate application (Sanskrit, Guarani or Quechua, among others).

AR is already used in Google Maps or Lens on mobile phones, but there are more and more indications that the company will launch some kind of consumer AR viewer or glasses: Project Iris, acquisition of Raxium, development of a specific operating system for augmented reality, etc.

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