Glasses or virtual reality helmet

Glasses or virtual reality helmet

In the last few years hearing from many people is the phrase: “I Want to buy virtual reality glasses for smart phone” or “I Want to buy a virtual reality helmet”. It would seem that the goggles and helmet are different from each other not only in pronunciation, but also visually, because the points for us is what we put on the eyes; while the helmet is something that is worn on the head. But whether things really are.

It turns out that between the helmet virtual reality glasses and virtual reality, there is only a slight difference. It consists in the fact that the helmet in the kit already have a set of headphones, which can be removed and installed back. Glasses do not have this capability and require the use of additional audio equipment.


Some users claim that the headphones are supplied with a helmet (for which the buyer paid), are not of dignity, but, on the contrary, because of the low sound quality, forcing the owner to purchase additional gadgets.


The term “virtual reality glasses” is often applied only to points for a smartphone, and this in spite of that 100% true statement, as they are most in form and size resemble glasses. Virtual glasses for smartphone price purchasing, however, the image quality depends entirely on the mobile device that is inserted in them.

In the end, to acquire, fully stocked, but expensive virtual helmet or buy vr glasses for smart phone, inexpensive but requiring further cost to you. Good luck in this difficult choice!

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