Glass Apple: leak of new information about Apple's AR glasses

Glass Apple: leak of new information about Apple’s AR glasses

Evidence of the use of Apple AR points accumulated for months: in November 2019 The Information published internal documents confirming the Apple glasses, and must describe their launch on the market in 2020. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) also confirms the existence of AR points and predicts their production in 2022.


A few days ago John Prosser (Prosser Jon — the person who collects information and leaks about Apple products) made in the podcast about the AR-glasses and Apple has mentioned that the technical details such as support for 5G and the possible period of issue to mid-2021 Prosser, apparently, has good insider contacts with Apple and it was he who revealed the details and release date of the iPad Pro, Macbook Air and iPhone SE in April.


Apple Glass AR glasses: price and timing of release


Now Prosser disclose the additional information in video on YouTube: points AR from Apple called Apple Glass and cost $ 499. TS the one hand, it is not very expensive, as often previously assumed. However: as with the first generation Apple Watch, all data is handled on the iPhone and passed on the glasses. Therefore, the Apple smartphone is also in this case a mandatory requirement.


According to Prosser, Apple had originally planned to announce the AR glasses along with iPhone 12 in October — depending on whether there are enough journalists for coronavirus. Apple Glass is planned for release in the fourth quarter 2021 first quarter of 2022


Possible video leak of a prototype Apple Glass


Prosser plans to release the video of the prototype from the Apple Glass. Below he describes what you can see there.



The AR glasses are difficult to distinguish from regular glasses. The prototype is made of plastic, but the end product can be used other materials. The only LiDAR sensor integrated in the casing on the right side points the camera missing.


Team Apple Glass uses LiDAR data iPad Pro and iPhone 12 that also must have a LiDAR sensor to improve points AR. How exactly is unclear.


Two display and “Starboard”


Both Apple AR glasses equipped with displays and use the new user interface of Apple “Starboard”. It is controlled using gestures on the rim and front of glasses. AR glasses can also read special QR codes Apple. Prosser did not specify their purpose.


Image displays are only visible to the owner. Glasses are charged wirelessly with the help of special supports.


However, Prosser has bad news: suitable sun lenses in the first generation Apple Glass will not. Display technology used by Apple does not work with tinted Windows.



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