Germany's Start-ups don't have to hide

Whe in Germany, Start-ups, thinks quickly ends up in the “cave of the lions”. The TV show on Vox creates it for several years, reliably, to interest audiences for the financing difficulties faced by young founder of the Start-ups a little on the hat. The latest episode achieved a market share of 15 per cent in the target group of 14 – to 59-year-old is once again the top value for the transmission time.

If the investor Frank Thelen and Carsten Maschmeyer in front of the cameras argue about who has the better offer of Finance for a particularly innovative dog leash, is a good evening’s entertainment – but with the Start-up landscape in Germany, meanwhile, have little in common. Many start-up companies to use the broadcast, especially as a presentation platform, not because of the financing, often in the context of between € 50,000 and about one Million euros.

To gain access to venture capital, there are easier ways – and German young are sent to company law. A recent evaluation of the consultancy EY, it was in the first half of the year, in this country 273-Start-up investment, thus, Germany is behind France and London on rank 3 in Europe. However, German Start-ups were 2.4 billion euros, almost half a billion more than the French start-up companies.

Money flows not only to Berlin

And even if almost half of the risk capital moves to Berlin, is that there are still some other cities, in which money flows – while it is in the Rest of Europe almost exclusively in the main cities of the case. So München Europe is still in the Top 10 in Hamburg at rank 15. In Europe, the number of operations in the year-on-year to 19 percent, and increased in value by 27 percent to 10.1 billion euros.

Just because more money is in the market (which is compared to the United States, by the way, still very little) does, however, not necessarily on the start-up process – the step into self-employment, only a vanishingly small minority dares to continue. This is due to several factors, an important role in the stability of the labour market situation certainly plays. The shortage of skilled workers of all places workers with good deals, what many prevents the leap into the Unknown.

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In many areas where promising Start-could be ups, there are also simple to visible role models. Attention-getting, especially large Online platforms, which are directed to the end customer, the founder, with even more technology to stay focus but without the end customer, sometimes under the Radar.

AI, VR, Blockchain

This is also the reason there is in this week, a special competition that takes place in the framework of the “New New festival” in Stuttgart, accompanying the F. A. Z. as a media partner. 50 finalists of the so-called Code-N-competition there from Monday to Wednesday in the areas of “machine intelligence”, “virtual technologies” and “cryptography” their business models.

The 10 best of them may then imagine also on Tuesday, on a stage, how you can solve with Artificial intelligence, the Blockchain, or Virtual Reality applications, problems, and above all, you want to make money. This should be in a short length of time more complicated than in the case of a dog leash. In the Jury business representatives such as Marika Lulay of GFT Technologies or Susanne Hahn, who leads the innovation office “Lab in 1886,” the Daimler group to sit.

Collaborations will increase

Because the cooperation of established companies and young Start-ups will take place in the future, “Where is the man in his place, we try to consistently think,” says Moritz Gräter, managing Director of Code-n. a collaboration drives Innovation, that is the Credo of many of Dax-listed companies that build up their own Start-up Department.

However, not everything can be developed in their own companies. Well over 200 companies show at the Festival, as you digitize themselves and the society and want to transform it. The cooperation of Large and Small will increase in the public mind: the Fintech “financial guru got” in the “cave of the lions” at 1 Million euros. The same sum had previously invested in Deutsche Bank.

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