German Smartphone market is defying the global Trend

Dhe market with Smartphones, Apps, and telecommunications services to grow according to forecasts by the digital Association Bitkom in this year in Germany, contrary to the global Trend by three percent to 34 billion euros. “The entire Ecosystem is stable growth,” said Hannes Ametsreiter, Presidium member of the Association, and CEO of Vodafone Germany on Wednesday during the presentation of the Numbers. The Smartphone is set as a digital control center by. As the latest Trend of Bitkom, the Phablet, or smartphone with extra-large Display.

The largest share in the market, according to Bitkom, therefore, to data and voice services with 20.3 billion euros compared to the previous year, and increased slightly to 1.6 percent. With Smartphones even implemented the estimated 10.4 billion euros, representing an increase of 2.4 percent. The market for Smartphone Apps is likely to rise to strong 4.7 percent to 1.6 billion euros in sales. In the network infrastructure for mobile communication 2 billion euros, a slight increase of 0.5 percent of flow, therefore, as in the previous year.

Contrary to the global Trend of the market is moving in this country, positive, said Ametsreiter. The demand remained stable. In contrast, there is in the world market, a stronger slowdown. In Germany, 81 percent of people aged 14 years and therefore use a Smartphone, each of the Second to always the latest model. 61 percent have a device that is a maximum of one year old, as a representative survey of the Association showed.

“5G means that there are no dead spots”

The highest priorities set by the customer in the battery runtime (59 percent) and faster (30 percent) and wireless (25%) Loading of the equipment. The infrastructure for the entire Ecosystem is increasingly important, said Ametsreiter. There is also the new technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality an Explosion in the volume of data in the German mobile phone. “This country needs all the capacity for investment, a brake would be fatal,” said he, with a view to the dispute to the requirements for the upcoming spectrum auction for the new mobile standard 5G.

The policy should be given according to Ametsreiter the “game room for privately-funded digital infrastructure and expand”. Mandatory Roaming or excessive supply constraints would inhibit the Expansion. Just the last three percent in the area of supply were the most expensive. “The costs billions.” For this, according to Ametsreiter those market participants should be prevented to be strengthened, “the really do invest in the area” and possible “freeloaders”. The major network operators to criticize currently planned exception rules for the new entrant 1&1 Drillisch (United Internet), to also place a bid for the 5G frequencies.

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In his study, which is representative of the Bitkom respondents to the Smartphone users about their expectations of the new mobile radio standard. A better network coverage (76 percent), higher speed (65 percent), and less power failures ranked with 63 percent at the top. There’s a lot to be interpreted into the new Standard, stressed Ametsreiter. “5G means that there are no dead spots.” 5G is a data network for the Internet of things, none, to be able to better make a phone call. The only 4G (LTE).

Source: jsa./dpa

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