Geekopolis, an immersive experience at the borders of reality

Geekopolis, an immersive experience at the borders of reality

A new 2000 m2 space dedicated to imagination and digital entertainment is about to open its doors in the former Christofle factory in Saint-Denis (93). Escape game and virtual reality meet there to offer a stunning and totally new experience.

We are in the era of entertainment 3.0. The famous virtual reality. Everyone hears about it, few have ever experienced it. However, it is a technology that is developing exponentially. In recent years, the growth of the “VR” market is +35% per year.

Seen on the bar inside the futuristic-looking Geekopolis lounge. Geekopolis

Geekopolis had the good idea to bet on this technology that has the wind in its sails, in order to offer attractions of a new kind. In the living room located not far from the Stade de France, we discover five of them. In “Sky Racer” you are the pilot of a supersonic spaceship and challenge your friends in a spectacular race across the galaxy. In “Lupin” you play as the heir of the most famous thief of all time: Arsene Lupin. During an auction at the Grand Palais, you steal priceless diamonds and flee to the rooftops skilfully crisscrossing the frames several hundred meters high. The whole thing is in 4 dimensions: in the ship your seat vibrates, rises and falls according to your galactic conduct (for the first); a breath mimics the effect of the wind and destabilizes you in your tightrope walker flight (for the second).

Cyril Villalonga, one of the founders of the salon, tells us: “The heart is immersion in all its dimensions: visual, tactile, auditory”. The truth is that we quickly forget the virtual reality headset that we have on our head and we willingly dive into these eccentric universes. Far from being reserved for a small community of specialists, the attractions are widely accessible, even for those who are fond of video games. The Geekopolis bet seems to be raised: in 2019, the geek is trendy.

“Mutations”: the flagship concept that gives chills

One of the many sets of the attraction “Mutations” (1200 m2). Geekopolis

The great experience of the salon is “Mutations”, which occupies 1200 m2 of the 2000 in total. The game mixes theater (there are interactions with actors), virtual reality and escape game. In movie sets, you have 2 hours to infiltrate a contaminated laboratory and recover the antidote that will destroy the virus. You have to outsmart the security system, solve puzzles, interact with the characters you meet to extract information, and most importantly, play as a team. 12 exits are possible depending on your choices, which makes “Mutations” a completely original and unprecedented experience. The adventure is attempted in multiplayer, from 4 people and up to 8. It is necessary to be at least 16 years old to participate, and the place costs 60 € per person (90 € if you then want to join the team of actors to stage yourself in front of the next participants).

Before “Mutations”, one of the last experiments of the founders of Geekopolis was the sensitization to AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration), a degenerative disease of the retina resulting in the appearance of a black spot in the field of vision with age. Today, ophthalmologists have no other way but to show photographs to raise awareness of this degeneration. The VR experience proposed by Cyril Villalonga is to walk around a virtual apartment and perform daily tasks with the disability present in our field of vision. The innovative idea: virtual reality is becoming a solution to help raise awareness in the medical field. The three founders of the show intend to multiply the experiences of this type in the coming years. To be followed closely…

Geekopolis. 112, rue Ambroise Croizat, Saint-Denis (93). Prices: between 10 and 90 €. Opening scheduled for mid-May.

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