Gaming mice. Our ranking.

Gaming mice. Our ranking.

Recently we presented to you the ranking of the best, in our opinion, chairs for the office (taking into account the health of the spine). In the following article, however, we will deal with a topic related to more time “after work”, namely mice for players (and not only). After many hours of exhaustive testing, we managed to create a list of ten mice that should be considered by any person interested in computer games.

But what should you pay attention to before buying a mouse and what concepts are worth knowing?

DPI – dots per inch-this is the unit (number of dots per inch) that is used to determine the resolution of devices that print, scan and record images. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, we will present below alternative names of this concept such as: PPI – points per inch, SPI – samples per inch, CPI – counts per inch.

Acceleration – this is the value (given in G) at which the sensor can read the data very accurately in order to process it into the movement of the cursor on the computer screen. Above the limit, there is a possibility of errors in the assessment of speed and direction of movement.

Optical sensor – it is a sensor made of a diode illuminating the substrate and a light-sensitive element that reads the changes reflected from the illuminated surface of the Rays. The goal is primarily to read the speed and direction of movement of the mouse.

Laser sensor – it’s a sensor built in the same way as an optical sensor. The difference between them is that the laser sensor should be more precise than the optical one.

Profile – this is nothing more than the shape of the mouse, on which its purpose depends-for right-handed users (they are mostly) or left-handed, or a universal profile for all, regardless of predisposition. The comfort of using the device also depends on the profile of the mouse.

Position refresh – the value at which the mouse movement is sampled. The higher the value, the more data can be processed and sent to the computer, and therefore-this action affects the accuracy and smoothness of the cursor on the screen with rapid movements of the user’s hand.

Resolution – a value that specifies the number of dots per inch that the optical sensor and mouse electronics can process. The higher the value, the more accurately reproduced are even very violent, as well as delicate (accurate) movements of the mouse user’s hand.

Roll – a circle for convenient scrolling of the content of web pages, a long amount of text in documents or some content, as well as for changing weapons or equipment of the hero.

Memory – every mouse should have one. Save your favorite parameters. When you switch your device to another computer, you don’t have to set and adjust it again. This feature is useful for those people who often play with friends or participate in the so-called LAN party.

Darkfield – it’s Logitech technology. The sensor reads signals even when there is a mirror or glass pane under the surface on which the mouse is moving-many, even the latest sensors, can not cope on such surfaces and require pads.

Below we present 5, in our opinion, the best gaming mice.

Logitech MX Master

The Swiss company Logitech is leading the market in mice. The laser model has several important advantages. It is wireless, so the player is not limited by a cable (it has a Bluetooth system). There are no problems with communication between the mouse and the computer, you can also immediately forget about the cable, which constantly interferes. Another thing-is the ability to connect the mouse by radio (connection range is 10 meters, so it is much more than with other models). The resolution is 1600 dpi, which indicates that you can achieve good results in games. Now the question arises: how long should I charge the device?   You can meet with opinions that the waiting time is short. Another positive aspect of the mouse is the roll. with which you can quickly scroll through the content.

Logitech G502

This model has several features, important for experienced players. It is possible to adjust the weight, as well as accurately balance the mouse using a system of weights in the housing. Another advantage is the ability of the sensor to adapt its action to the surface on which it moves. The manufacturer also provides a sensor setting, which can be useful for any player. The roller operates in two modes-inertial and traditional. It can be tilted to the sides, which gives the player two additional buttons. Selected technical data:

infrared sensor with a resolution of 200-12, 000 dpi with a maximum acceleration of 40 G and a maximum speed of 7.6 m / s

USB clocking at 1000 Hz with 16-bit data transfer to the axis, guaranteeing 1-millisecond response time

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

This is a solidly made optical mouse model. When buying a product, the consumer receives a gold-plated USB connector, a lightweight cable, as well as rubber anti-slip sides.  An additional Bajer is an interesting backlight system and optical effects that make the mouse not only functional, but also looks cool. The device has a huge resolution-10 thousand. DPI, making mouse movements smooth and fast. In addition, the mouse perfectly copes with any diagonal of the monitor (you can freely work / play even on the largest displays). The advantage of the product is high control over it (non-slip material).

SteelSeries Rival

This is an optical wireless mouse (its range is 2 meters). It is suitable for users with small and medium monitors, since its resolution is 6500 DPI. The mouse design is well suited for owners of large or long hands-they can put the whole hand on the device. The low weight allows you to move very quickly, which can be useful during dynamic action games or shooters, for example, in cs. The manufacturer estimates the life of the mouse to 30 million clicks.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic

It’s a custom mouse. It is not suitable for gaming, but it is highly valued in office work. It is high and has a round shape, so the palm is arranged in such a way as to relax the loaded wrist. With ordinary mice, the hand rests on the device, while here it covers them from the left side, and the little finger is on the table.  There is also a profiled part on which you should put your thumb. True, initially it is difficult to get used to the invention of Microsoft, but after a few days of work, the user should begin to feel real comfort. In addition, the mouse is equipped with a wheel with a button function (three positions, center or side) and an additional two buttons (side), thanks to which you can restore the previous page in the history of the browser, as well as the “start” button in Windows . It should be mentioned here that in addition to many supporters, this mouse also has many staunch opponents. It seems like a classic case of either you love it or hate it.

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