From surgery to social networks and back: as a pioneer company of creating Instagram masks, it is moving towards the goal of using AR technologies in medicine

From surgery to social networks and back: as a pioneer company of creating Instagram masks, it is moving towards the goal of using AR technologies in medicine

In November 2018, the Instafilter team launched the first AR mask for the @dodopizza account, and over the past year they managed to work with top brands, corporations and millionaire bloggers. Why augmented reality is not masks with ears and not virtual patches, whether masks can be called an applied tool and what does Instafilter have to do with medicine – about all this in our article.

Was there life before Instagram?

In 2015, Rustam graduated from Tyumen State University with a degree in Management, while simultaneously working as a system engineer at the integrator Beltel. In his spare time, he delved into development and began to implement and launch games on the Oculus Store platform. At some point, there were so many third-party orders that Rustam left the office and together with his partner Ilya founded the startup Beagle. plus. She specialized in VRAR technology, hypothesis testing and quick starts. The year 2018 was a turning point in the company’s life. The guys launched VisionPick-a program for assembling orders in a warehouse using AR glasses. The project took part in numerous competitions and pitches, reached the finals of the MTS Startup Hub and Yandex NewRetail. As a result, it was not implemented due to the lack of Market Fit – the introduction of technologies is much more expensive and labor-intensive than attracting labor. The next startup, VRDent, solved the problems of anxiety during the reception of dental patients. The team prepared the strongest strategy, tested the hypotheses – everything was perfect in the calculations. The project was tested in several clinics and VRDent did not show the desired effectiveness and was also frozen. The strongest project of the first half of the year was medicine. The team implemented a method of visualization of foreign bodies, cysts, tumors using AR glasses, for the first time in Russia, two complex operations were performed together with maxillofacial surgeons. But the project was again frozen by the guys due to the lack of investment. At this moment, the guys began to look for new markets that would allow them to quickly earn money to continue working in the medical sector.

The Instafilter command

He said: “Let’s go!”. How Instafilter released the first mask in the Russian segment of Instagram

In parallel with technological startups, Rustam and Ilya were engaged in development for business. One of the regular customers was the restaurant “Dodo pizza” in Peterhof. In the fall of 2018, Beagle. plus planned to release an application for pizzeria customers that would allow them to find “Dodo” using special codes placed throughout the city and pass the time in the queue. But after the release of Facebook, which announced the possibility for users to release their own mask, the guys realized that they had found a way to a new market. Beagle. plus contacted the head office of Dodo, transferred all the developments to the new platform, filled out an application and waited. In November, the filter was published, more than 8000 subscribers came to the customer’s account in a week, and the company became known as Instafilter.

The first 3D filter with augmented reality on Instagram. Project for & amp;quot;Dodo pizza& quot;The first 3D filter with augmented reality on Instagram. Project for ” Dodo pizza”

First year: results. How is the AR effects sector developing in the Russian segment

It immediately became clear that to support a good start, you need to do some extensive work. Instafilter has released an AR mask for showman and blogger Sergey Mezentsev, which he published on his official account. From that moment on, the project began to be monetized, orders went out. During the year, the team managed to work with the largest corporations-Coca-Cola, Mirinda, Toyota, S7; banks-Tinkoff and Raiffeisenbank; telecom-the whole “big four”; bloggers – #FollowMeTo and others. And, of course, during this time, the AR market in Instagram began to develop rapidly. If in the Dodo case the bird was depicted quite primitively and performed simple actions, now complex graphics are used in the filters, there is a script and even drama. In April, Instafilter implemented the first AR-game in the Russian segment of Instagram. The concept – the user had to hold a virtual chicken egg in his mouth on a virtual spoon. The mask turned out to be very realistic, the project brought 450 thousand subscribers to the company’s account and received coverage of more than 250 million. In autumn, for the #FollowMeTo travel project, the guys released the first filter that changes depending on the time of day – in the morning, a flying plane soars into the pink sunrise sky, in the evening it soars in a romantic sunset, and at night it is illuminated by the moon and planets. Such technologies allow introducing game and competitive mechanics for brands – for example, making “happy hours” promotions and collecting collections. If at the beginning the customer just wanted to make his own mask, now he comes with a strategy and a specific task, and the launch of the mask is most often associated with the activation of an advertising campaign or the release of a product.

Filter for FollowmetoFilter for Followmeto

What stories will we watch in the near future

Let’s talk about evolution. The sector is developing rapidly, but it is already possible to predict some trends and releases. Now Instagram, as a platform, has a couple of significant drawbacks. It does not recognize markers, there is no tracking of hands. But if you turn to Snapchat, and this platform anticipates all Facebook releases, you can see that these areas are already developing there. In a word, soon AR in Instagram will be presented with effects not only for the face, but also for the entire body of the user. It can also be assumed that the platform will begin to recognize architectural masterpieces and objects of world significance. So we will wait for endless folk art (in the field of marketing and development, this is called UGC, user generated content) based on travel-content with the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and the Kremlin.

AR as the most important application tool. When will augmented reality really make life easier

AR has already made life easier for beauty geeks, when Kylie Jenner released a filter that allowed a subscriber to try on a lipstick tone from the star’s branded line. But, seriously, the industry is developing so rapidly that applied mechanics will not take long to wait. Instagram will definitely help horeca, the event industry, retail and the beauty segment.

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