Friendly Premonition — a fan-made retelling of Deadly Premonition in the style of the game for the Game Boy

One lousy sequel, not enough to kill the fan love for Deadly Premonition: Victor Hannibal (Hannibal the Victor) and Robin wills (Robin Wils) concocted a game based on the first part, which looks like something that could go on the Game Boy.

The project, called Premonition Friendly. The plot as in the original: in the town of Greenvale murder occurred, which affected all residents. You play as a detective he investigates the crime first visit Greenvale and understands that the city is not so simple as it seems at first glance.

Errand on the open world not: the authors call Friendly Premonition simulator conversations. You visit locations, talk to characters of the original, and study subjects with unique descriptions. Some of the heroes provided unusual mechanics that open up after certain dialogue.

Friendly Premonition contains over 125,000 words. Fans have been creating games for about a year. To sit in conversation can be “at least an hour, even five minutes.” Author Deadly Premonition Hidetaka suehiro is a (Hidetaka Suehiro) has blessed fan project promotional retweet.

Friendly Premonition is completely free. On the game page also has links to donation to see if you like it, you’ll want to throw the developers a dime!

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