Free developer tools for students

Free developer tools for students

Developers are happy to make their software available to students for free. On the one hand, we can talk about the form of the educational mission, but it is also an investment for the future. Young programmers quickly get used to certain solutions, so after graduation, they are often willing to pay for the tools they already know.

We have dealt with the topic of students in the context of the IT industry several times. Today we lean on development tools, which in normal circumstances are often too expensive for a student’s pocket. Fortunately, however, for young developers, many manufacturers make their software available to students, and even cooperate in this field with universities, having signed relevant agreements. Here is our short list of development tools for free.

Student Developer Pack from GitHub

GitHub does not need to be especially introduced not only to experienced programmers, but also to students. For the latter, a special set of development tools has been prepared, which together are worth several thousand dollars. Thanks to cooperation with leading manufacturers of such software, GitHub offers young developers Student Developer Pack. You can find in it very interesting tools that even experienced coders are happy to use, both paid and free. Among the latter you can find, for example, the Atom editor.

As for paid tools and platforms, it is worth mentioning here, among others, Figure eight, DNSimple, DigitalOcean, Travis CI for project management, SendGrid for e-mail, as well as the development package for UnrealEngine 4, the Amazon Web Services platform, Bitnami, DataDog, HackHands + Pluralsight, Microsoft Azure and many others.

In addition, a student can set up any number of private repositories on GitHub. Access to the Student Developer Pack is obtained by setting up a student account on GitHub, which must be confirmed by the university email.

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Microsoft also boasts its own program aimed at students, students and university lecturers. Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for teaching, or formerly Microsoft Imagine, is an access to the software, but it can only be used for non-commercial purposes, primarily educational, research and scientific. Thanks to this, students and academics can use many Microsoft tools for free: environments for creating applications, operating systems and servers. Contains latest cloud technologies and servicesthat inspire and engage.

Microsoft Visual Studio Dev Essentials

Since we are already at Microsoft, it is worth mentioning the Visual Studio Dev Essentials project, which is aimed not only at students, but also at all programmers who use Microsoft software in their work. After you sign up, you can access tools such as Visual Studio community, Visual Studio Code, and Azure DevOps server.

In addition, we receive a range of cloud services such as storage, computing, application back-end, IoT services and analytics are free. In this segment, Microsoft provides funds of $ 25 per month for a year to use Azure, Visual Studio Team Services for five users, as well as a free application services layer. HockeyApp.

As part of Visual Studio Dev Essentials, we can also receive a number of different trial versions of software and files, for example, SQL Server Developer Edition, Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition for 3 months, Parallels Access for 3 months, and a virtual machine with a Windows platform for 60 days.

You can also not forget about free access to various training courses and technical support. Visual Studio Dev Essentials includes a free three-month Pluralsight subscription, access to Xamarin University courses, 90 days for free wintellectnow, and access to Microsoft learn.

JetBrains Products Pack

JetBrains also made available a free educational package for students. Thanks to this, young developers can use very good tools without incurring any costs. This package is a very useful support for all those who are learning and improving in Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Objective-C or .Net .here we get tools such as IntelliJ IDEA Ultimata (complete JVM environment), ReSharper, AppCode (iOS/macOS IDE), PhpStorm, PyCharm (Python and Django IDE), RubyMine, WebStorm (JavaScript IDE), DataGrip (IDE for working with databases) and CLion (C/C++ IDE).

To access the tools listed above, you only need to verify with a university email.

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