Founder DecaGear shared details about the company and future plans

Founder DecaGear shared details about the company and future plans

DecaGear is forthcoming to release VR headset for the PC, which seemingly appeared out of thin air, promising excellent performance for a low price. It is alleged that the headset has a resolution of 2160 × 2160 (4,6 MP) in the eye at 90 Hz, the setting of IPD, face tracking with two inward-facing cameras, controllers, motion tracking fingers tracking of the hips, tracing iside-out, and content SteamVR. And all this allegedly just $ 450.

Road to VR spoke with founder and CEO of Megadodo Simulation Games or Kunzmann, the company that created DecaGear to learn more about the development process of the company and how it plans to meet its promises.

Kunzman said he was originally from Israel, where he worked as a software developer and then founded the business of online advertising, which was eventually sold to another Israeli advertising company.

Then he adds: “I moved to South Asia seven and a half years ago, founded a FINTECH company in Singapore and, eventually, moved to Bangkok to work on the VR game that turned into a structure that we now call DecaSpace. Along with a small team of engineers, we decided to work on a new VR equipment, designed for multiplayer games”.

Kunzman said that the company Megadodo Simulation Games web site which is now being redirected to the website DecaGear, was founded in the beginning of 2018, and since then has grown to 20 full-time employees (although the website of the company “People” is only 11 people ). According to him, Megadodo is funded by Kunzmann and “another investor”.

With regard to the development of the headset DecaGear, Kunzman said that the company “is entering the stage of quality control, which all software systems work, and prototypes are printed on their own printers Fromlabs (except for a couple parts for which we had to use a die casting mold)”. By the end of the year we expect a small number of prototypes.

Kuntzman said that he understands the skepticism that arose in relation to the company after the presentation of his headset.

“Many people are skeptical of a company that produces a product suddenly — out of nowhere, especially a VR headset. We have also contributed to General skepticism, admitting a silly mistake and our video with face tracking, where Kelly talks [ video ], we decided to add an introduction, which was taken much later than the actual in-game part, and now it raises some concerns about the legality”. He said that there will be new videos.

Kunzman also pointed to a recently published post in the blog, which summarizes the future vision:

  1. To produce high-precision PC headset-VR designed specifically for multiplayer gaming, and experience with face tracking, natural movement based on the direction of the hip and pressure sensitive hand controllers with all tracking functions of the fingers.
  2. The system will be available for pre-order at the end of 2020 at a price of 459 USD.
  3. Support for SteamVR means instant access to thousands of VR gaming since day one.
  4. DecaGear SDK allows developers to easily and quickly integrate all of the unique functions of the system.
  5. In future plans to create DecaSpace SDK, players will be able to seamlessly communicate and switch between games in virtual reality.

The last item on DecaSpace SDK is another ambitious goal of the company beyond the simple delivery of the headset with stunning features and a great price. Obviously, based on the work that the company performed before moving the equipment, DecaSpace is a kind of social basis, which the company hopes, will support her headset, bringing together the various possibilities of virtual reality.

Although DecaGear is a kind of set of physical tools that the player uses to track his body in virtual reality, I see another in-game tool set, which allows the player to move smoothly between games without having to return to the home environment. Players can call or video chat with your friends regardless of what games they play now, but game developers can easily join your game and monetize it on the freemium model, so that players can freely enter and exit. […]

Soon we will share more information about DecaSpace, but it is worth noting that DecaSpace is not another social network VR — there is no more room or “worlds” that we or players want to create. It is a structure that integrates and monetizes the game in virtual reality.

Valve confirms that 4K SteamVR headset DecaGear real

In the announcement of the product Kunzman thanked Valve for help:

“We often received help from the team at Valve SteamVR integration and some aspects of the development system (thanks Valve)”.

This attracted the attention UploadVR, so they contacted Valve to check this statement and received the following reply:

“Although we haven’t worked with DECA on the design, we have helped — as we always strive to provide technical support for the integration of SteamVR etc. We are happy to try this headset, when it becomes available,” wrote a representative of Valve.

We still have a lot to learn about Simulation Games and Megadodo DecaGear, so let’s wait for news from Kunzman and the company in the near future.


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