For Cyberpunk 2077 was released the second hotfix

CD Projekt RED has released the second hotfix for Cyberpunk 2077. He has already appeared on the Xbox and PlayStation, and the PC will start soon.

The update fixes a bunch of bugs in quests, the game logic, graphics and interface as well as improves stability and fixes some crashes. A couple of interesting edits:

  • AMD Ryzen with four and six cores optimized using the default thread — previously, users had to manually edit configuration files. Eight-, twelve – and shestnadtsatiyaderny processors Ryzen all remained unchanged, as this performance enhancement doesn’t affect them.
  • Removed the console to debugging — its use could lead to crashes or firmly to break quests. As stressed by CD Projekt RED, it doesn’t mean that Cyberpunk 2077 is going to put a spoke in the wheel of the modders — quite the contrary. But the details will tell about it later.

Recall, it is only a hotfix from full patch it has a relatively small list of edits. The first major update for Cyberpunk 2077 is promised to be released in January.

Full list of changes hotfix 1.05:


  • Jackie will no longer disappear in jobs “in the overthrow of the Maelstrom” or “caliber”.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not land a helicopter in the mission “Love as the motive”.
  • Fixed an issue where Takamura could not call during the quest “Audience”.
  • You can no longer double-run the same dialogue in the quest “Number one”.
  • Fixed an issue where Dalaman was displayed upside down at the end of the quest “Resuscitation”.
  • Sol is now correctly gets to the van in the mission “Ride the storm”.
  • A quick trip before meeting with the “Tiger claws” no longer prevents quest “Guardians of disorder”.
  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to continue the job “At the crossroads”, if it was loaded the AutoSave made immediately after the arrival of the “stilettos”.
  • Fixed an issue where no one else called or wrote after the battle due to the failed mission “Two friends”.
  • Elizabeth Perales now I will try to call after her job offer was rejected.
  • The scene with misty and Jackie now correctly starts after leaving the clinic, Victor.
  • Dialogues with Wakako are no longer locked after completing the quest “Apartment 303”.
  • Care from Stephen in the task of “Transcendental experience” will no longer prevent calls of other characters.
  • You can now correctly interact with the brick detonator to defuse it. Or Vice versa, to blow. You decide.
  • Elevator doors should now correctly open in the task of “caliber”.
  • Sol is now properly out of the car in the mission “Ride the storm”.
  • Fixed an issue where no one else called or wrote after the players were too far away from Frank while performing the task of “Corporate culture”.
  • Jacky now correctly leaves the factory after a fight during a task “in the overthrow of the Maelstrom”.
  • Fixed an issue where reinforcements “Militia” does not appear, if the players are too fast drove through the gates in the objective “front Line”.
  • Pass time in the club no longer leads to problems with performing tasks “Played a role”.
  • Fixed bugs with the start of the task “Order: Warm, even warmer”.
  • Fixed an issue where no one else called or wrote after the players abandoned the quest “Let go of me, deep.”
  • Fixed an issue where the core of Delamain could be broken when the players walked into a room with a core in the mission “intensive care”.
  • Fixed bugs, which Delaman did not appear and did not do anything outside the club “Afterlife” when quest “the caliber”.
  • Fixed an issue where game got stuck on the goal “talk to Victor” in the quest “City of dreams”.
  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to talk with bouncers in front of the entrance to the bar, “LISSES” when quest “Cherche La femme”.
  • For the quest “Resuscitation” added description in the journal.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not save, use fast travel and talk to other characters after loading a save with an active call from Frank in the assignment “Corporate culture”.
  • Fixed an issue where Gentry could not call until you have completed the quest “Road to Paradise”.
  • Fixed an issue where dum-Dum followed by the player after completing the quest “the Overthrow in the Maelstrom”.


  • Improved reaction time sheltering characters.
  • Corrected the number of shots required for the killing of civilians during the battle in the distance.


  • Fixed an issue where the image of Dalaman displayed on top of the interlocutor during phone calls.
  • VI’s mouth now closes after logging in to the cosmic gateway when execution of the job “away from home”.
  • Fixed some errors with overlapping interfaces.
  • VI now looks… decent in the preview of the rig after the scene of the semi-annual installation 😉
  • Characters now spawn faster during the quest “the Boss is dead, long live the boss”.
  • Added a bit of heat in HDR.
  • Fixed an issue where Sims would freeze in the posture in the form of the letter T in tasks “Organized crime: Say no to drugs” and “Order: playing with fire”.
  • Fixed an issue where after braindance to be stuck with a third person without a head.
  • Icons of the muffler is no longer displayed without an image in the equipment.


  • Fixed an issue where the scope of weapons remained on the screen.
  • Panel equipment no longer closes immediately after it is first open after you exit the car.
  • Fixed an issue where the access terminal rapid movement button is not working in the upper right corner that prompts you to open the job log.

Fixes for PC

  • [AMD SMT] Optimized the use of cores and threads for 4-core and 6-core AMD Ryzen. No change for the 8-core, 12-core and 16-core processors — they are already working as intended. This optimization is done in partnership with AMD and is based on tests on both sides, showing that performance improvement only occurs for processors with 6 cores or less.
  • Fixed bug with collecting the raw input data.
  • Removed use of the AVX instruction set, which should eliminate the crashes that occur at the end of the prologue on processors that do not support these instructions.
  • Removed the debug console to prevent the use of features may lead to game crashes or inability to perform the task. This does not mean that we do not want to support the modding community. Follow our updates to learn more about it.
  • Reflection ray trace should no longer seem too bright compared to the environment.
  • Fixed a bug with the departure of the Steam overlay when the game is over.
  • Deleted file memory_pool_budgets.csv, which was not associated with the final version of the game and did not exert her influence. It was not previously removed from the file that was used during development to evaluate memory usage. It does not affect how much memory was actually allocated. Noticeable performance increase after editing the file could be connected with restarting the game.

Fixes for consoles

  • Improves the sharpness of the image with the included settings chromatic aberration and speckle.
  • Settings should no longer reset to default values after a few restarts of the game.
  • Fixed a visual problem that occurs when you switch between tasks “of a Pass in the higher League” and “Love as a motive”.
  • Fixed the appearance of several types of transport.
  • [Xbox] joining the fray at active synaptic accelerator no longer causes health bar of the player is no longer displayed.
  • [Xbox] the Game will no longer hang when exiting from the profile when the message is displayed on the controller is disabled.
  • The request for consent for the sending of analytical data will appear again, due to the bugs with the reset.
  • Fixed bug where you could fall down the Elevator shaft in megabase H8 while performing the task of “Dollhouse”.
  • Multiple stability improvements, including fixes game crashes.
  • Offscreen explosions now accompanied by sounds.
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