First Bootcamp Data Science in Poland

First Bootcamp Data Science in Poland

On March 6, 2017, the first Data science bootcamp in Poland will start, which will allow 24 participants to gain competencies in the field of analysis and processing of big data. Bootcamp organizer (Kodoł is a company sages, which since 2008 educates IT personnel in Poland through training, consultations and workshops. In addition to the Data science theme, bootcamps will also be held in February and March 2017 to train future Java developers and front-end (web application user interface) developers.

What is bootcamp?

Bootcamp is a very intensive, several-week course that allows you to quickly gain high competencies in the sought-after professions on the market. This form of education was popularized by the first of its kind in the United States, in particular Dev Bootcamp in San Francisco and the general assembly in New York.

Bootcamp participants learn by working at least 8 hours a day under the supervision of a mentor, solving practical problems that arise in companies. Bootcamp graduates have a clear advantage in the labour market, having exactly the skills that employers are looking for. Since 2012, the number of people who have obtained a new, highly paid job in this way has grown exponentially, and it is estimated that more than 20 thousand participants will complete bootcamp in the United States this year.

Data science is a term covering a wide range of issues in the field of data analysis and processing. Data scientists in companies combine their expertise in Statistics, data analysis and programming to draw conclusions based on data that are important to the enterprise and have potentially high business value for these companies. The demand for employees with such skills is very high, and there are relatively few people willing to take the job. Earnings data scientists in Poland often exceed the amount of 200 thousand. PLN per year, while in the United States these amounts are even in the order of 200 thousand. $ 2. Bootcamp Data science projects can quickly fill in the missing competencies for people who have previously served as programmers or analysts in companies, as well as graduates of computer science majors who do not yet have experience in data processing in a business context.

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About us

The organizer of the bootcamp is sages SP.z o. o. with many years of experience in training personnel in the IT industry. It specializes in conducting open and dedicated technological trainings, the common feature of which, regardless of the training topic, is a workshop format of classes focusing on the transfer of practical skills to participants. Sages trainers are day-to-day practitioners using the technologies they use to train. They share not only knowledge, but also experience and practical solutions. The company also conducts dedicated re-education projects, cooperates with universities supporting the implementation of advanced programming subjects, as well as conducting postgraduate studies (Warsaw University of Technology, Studies in the field of big data).

Sages is also a regular organizer of industry events for IT professionals as part of the IT station initiative. The station has already held more than 50 workshops, its community has nearly 1350 members.

Sages also takes global action by participating in conferences and organising open workshops in major European cities. In 2016, the company co-organized workshops abroad: “Introduction to Big data and Apache Spark” at the Voxxed Days Berlin conference and it Station Workshops in Berlin, Munich and London.

In 2016, sages was ranked in the top 10 most dynamic IT companies in Poland (according to the Computerworld top 200 ranking).

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