Filtration: Goertek will manufacture 14 million viewers this year for Meta and also for Sony and Apple

Filtration: Goertek will manufacture 14 million viewers this year for Meta and also for Sony and Apple

The Chinese analyst writing under the pseudonym Sheriff Black 008 on the Chinese economic news website has published an article with the manufacturing forecasts of the manufacturer Goertek, from whose factories come millions of devices of all kinds (VR viewers, AR glasses, headphones, smart watches). In 2022 they would have received orders to manufacture new generation VR viewers from Meta, Sony and Apple, in addition to different AR glasses, some of which would be presented this week at the CES in Las Vegas.

The first data it gives is that in 2021 Goertek manufactured more than 8 million Quest 2, having been sent since the manufacture of this device began 10 million units, a figure that we have already heard from other sources. In addition to continuing to manufacture this model, Meta has also commissioned this company to produce exclusively the new generation viewer known as Project Cambria, and it is estimated that the forecast of shipments of these two viewers is of 14 million in 2022.

The report mentions that Goertek has also received a request from 1 and 2 million of units of a VR viewer of new generation for a Japanese video game console, which except surprise, has to refer to PlayStation 5 and PSVR 2.

The analyst concludes by predicting a brilliant Year of the Tiger for the company, since other major brands that are going to manufacture VR viewers or AR glasses have made orders, and cites several among which we distinguish the name of Apple and several acronyms that are less clear: HW (Huawei?), RY, DJ and AL.

This information must be taken with caution, although it seems to confirm several of the leaks and rumors that we already knew. On the one hand, because we don’t know to what extent this analyst chinese is related to the supply chain, and on the other because we’ve used an automatic translator for translating from chinese to English the published report, in which we have not found any reference on what dates or time of year would come from the factories new viewers Goal, PlayStation or Apple.

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