Fiber optic extension cable "stretches" the work Oculus Link for hundreds of meters

Fiber optic extension cable “stretches” the work Oculus Link for hundreds of meters

An intriguing accessory attached to the Oculus Quest, promises to stretch Oculus Link multi-room apartment or even a wired headset for virtual PC.


Tweet from Twitter user GamerToTheEnd shows that the accessory is successfully connected to the Quest for Oculus Oculus Beta Link by converting the signal from USB 3 to PC fiber optic connection, which can be expected to have a length of 250 metres.




In a set of USB 3.0 fiber optic extension specified “price request”, but usually it is sold for about $ 150, not including the additional cost of fiber-optic cable for its connection, which is rated on Amazon is about $ 160 for 200 meters. It’s quite expensive, considering that the cost of the Quest is around $ 400. However, the fact that it works at all, in itself, remarkable.


On the website that sells the accessory is a table in which the explain how it connects directly to a USB 3 port on motherboard compatible PC, and then connects to the fiber optic connection that can reach up to 250 meters, then to the inverter, which converts it back to USB 3.0 to use the Quest with the beta version of the Oculus Link. The Converter on the end closest to the quest, requires power, so near it must be the socket. It also charges your Quest during the game. Fiber-optic cable itself does not add a noticeable delay during signal transfer.


Схема подключения оптоволоконного кабеля Oculus Link


There are some home games, or virtual configurations that can make this accessory useful. Imagine that you decided to play PC games on a VR Quest in another room or even on the street — in this case, it will not have to carry a computer.



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