Father sees the birth of his child by VR-glasses

Father sees the birth of his child by VR-glasses

Virtual Reality (VR) is in the technology scene straight hip. For the small VR Start-up Oculus Facebook paid $ 2.2 billion dollars, because the VR is glasses in the call to virtual realities, particularly in a realistic way. At the same time, Sony has created a similar technology, and companies like LG and Samsung offer intricate frames, in which High-End Smartphones play their users computer-generated worlds in front of the eyes.

The Problem is that all of these firms have: with the exception of a few Games and Demos, there is a lack of useful applications for the expensive gizmos. Samsung has used an opportunity to show what they eyeglasses may use such Data else: The company upgraded from the delivery room of an Australian hospital with cameras, microphones, and network technology.

The reason for the effort: they wanted To allow an expectant father who had to work at the time of the birth of thousands of kilometers away, to be at least virtually at the birth of his son in the process. The difference to a video conference via Skype or Facetime: The data glasses allows for a 360-degree all-round view, gives the wearer the feeling to be there live.

More Expensive Case

Completely selfless, the group did not take the costly action of course. Instead, recordings of the so far unique to advertising endeavor a touching film for Samsung data glasses were cut together.

Which is, of course, been a very fascinating, but not yet suitable for daily use product. The combination of High-End mobile phone and VR goggles, with around 1000 Euro is very expensive. On the other, there is hardly any worthwhile applications for the new technology.

In addition, a live transmission requires, as it shows Samsung in its advertising films, considerable technical effort. The cost for the required special cameras and the transfer of technology to exceed the price of the VR-glasses significantly. Specific details of how expensive the VR broadcast of the birth, not Samsung.

So Samsung’s film advertising is currently much different than a pretty example of what Virtual Reality is possible, if you invest enough money. So nice, this may be regarded, is VR technology in the coming years, but it’s mostly for computer games.

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