Facebook's Virtual Reality glasses comes in 2016

Facebook's Virtual Reality glasses comes in 2016

First, the bad news is: those Who had hoped to be able to give someone for Christmas with the Virtual Reality glasses Oculus Rift, you must be looking for another gift. The good: On Wednesday afternoon, Nate Mitchell, Vice-chief of the manufacturer’s company, Oculus VR has announced, via Twitter an approximate date for the start of sales. Accordingly, the so-called Consumer Edition of the glasses to come in early 2016 in the trade.

The manufacturer therefore missing the lucrative holiday season, and a self-imposed target. In June 2014, Oculus was CEO Brendan Iribe said in an Interview: “If we don’t deliver at the end of 2015, that would be a Problem. At least we would be very disappointed.” At the time, Iribe had stated that it expected to more than a Million copies of the first end-user version to sell.

So far, you can order the Oculus only variants of the VR-glasses, specially designed for software developers. Currently, the so-called Development Kit 2 is available, short DK2.

With the announcement of the start of sales of development work to be running in the Oculus, a year on your temporary end. For the first time, the glasses-a concept was shown in the summer of 2012, at E3 in Los Angeles. At the time, the Oculus was Rift is still thick duct tape holding it together, a fat wire harness provided with the necessary Connections to the Computer.

A few months later the Start-up has launched a Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The goal of a minimum of $ 300,000 for the development of the data glasses, the collect has already been achieved on the first morning. Ultimately, the $ 2.5 million came together fast.

In the following years, Oculus showed at fairs is always different and well-developed, new versions of the glasses. The Design has been refined, as well as the functionality and the quality have been improved. At the consumer electronics show CES, we were able to try out the beginning of 2014, a variant of which was fitted with an improved Full-HD-Displays and using a camera could capture where in the room the user is in.

A little later it became clear that there is a great potential ascribed to the Tech sector of the Oculus technology. In March 2014, Facebook announced that it is to take care of the small businesses for a total of two billion dollars.

From the beginning of sales of this investment is likely to flow back slowly on Facebook. How long will it take for the money to record, however, depends on many factors. For example, how much the Software is to give it to the Start. Especially game developers are in demand here, because Virtual Reality could lift computer games to a new level.

Another important factor is the price, the Oculus for the Rift is a desire. So far, the company is silent still. A good opportunity for the announcement of this important Details of the game’s E3 conference, which takes place in June in Los Angeles would be.

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