Facebook stops sale of Oculus goggles in Germany

Facebook itself did not provide information as to the reasons of the sale stops. For previous owners of the Oculus goggles nothing, for a change, the company said.

The Hamburg data protection Commissioner Johannes Caspar said the newspaper, the upcoming coupling of the Accounts was “extremely problematic” and referred to the European data protection basic regulation (DSGVO). In Hamburg, the deutsche Facebook-daughter of residence of the business in the whole of Europe, is led out of Ireland – and thus also the local data protection are ultimately responsible. Caspar wool forward the matter for further consideration to you, wrote the “world”. You would then have to submit a draft Decision.

Caspar was expecting not provided a quick response: “Because in the last two years on the issue of transfer of data between WhatsApp and Facebook no such proposal for a Decision, I have little Confidence that it comes here’s to a speedy solution.”

Residual stocks may be in the case of dealers available

Oculus is a leading supplier of glasses for virtual reality (VR). The company had announced the Changes two weeks ago. So far, the Oculus Profiles did not need to be linked with a Facebook account. Now to must from October to everyone who uses, for the first Time an Oculus device, sign in with a Facebook Account. Stock users have up to 1. January 2023 time, your Oculus and Facebook accounts to merge, as the company announced. You can buy the device in this time, but a new Oculus, it will work only after logging in via Facebook.

The step should help to integrate popular Facebook features into the VR glasses, had Facebook explained the rationale for the merge. The majority of users log in now with a Facebook Account with Oculus, to be able to features such as Chats and Events, it said.

On the Oculus site were sold on Tuesday if no devices. Currently, remaining stocks of the Oculus glasses could be with other dealers available, you’ll but Facebook not to Germany to replace said. The Oculus-business firm is not affected.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had a bet when buying Oculus for more than two billion dollars in the year 2014 on the rapid rise of virtual reality (VR), it has so far remained but a niche business.

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