Facebook presents cheap Virtual Reality glasses

Facebook presents cheap Virtual Reality glasses

If you want to use the mobile Virtual Reality glasses Gear VR, you need a powerful Samsung Smartphone. For many people, the Samsung and Oculus co-developed device is, therefore, uninteresting. With your mobile phone and therefore your everyday life – is the entry level glasses simply not compatible.

With a novelty of its subsidiary Oculus, Facebook wants to inspire people for virtual reality (VR), where you reasons, for example, technology or price remained sealed. On Wednesday, it was revealed at the developer conference, Oculus Connect 4 for the Oculus Go.

It is a with the Gear VR, in principle, similar glasses, which can, however, be without a Smartphone to use. A rich in the Headset integrated headphones, you can use the Oculus Go is a completely wireless. You can rotate, so in the space and move how you want, you need don’t be afraid to stumble over Stripping.

Less Than 200 Dollars

The new product is intended according to the Oculus Website, with prices starting at $ 199 on the market. German prices are not yet known. At the beginning of 2018, the Oculus Go is to come into the trade. In the next few months, the technical Details of the glasses should, therefore, be known, to be revealed to those of Facebook, as yet, hardly anything.

On an info page to Go only General information is available to date. About that in addition to the Headset, a small Controller appears, and you should be able to use the Headset with a normal pair of glasses underneath. Allegedly, the Go to provide the “best lens”.

Of the applications to run on the Oculus Go, of everything happening on the Gear VR. It is designed so rather simple games, Social Apps for Online interactions and, above all, to 360-degree Videos and live broadcasts.

Weaker than the Oculus Rift

With the flagship model of the company, the Oculus Rift, which is wired to a PC and can be used for 449 euros in a Set with two Hand controllers to buy, can not keep up the Go-performance, technically, sure. Missing are likely to say, for example, the so-called Positional Tracking, The glasses do not realize though, if the head turns, for example, but if the player is bent forward.

For gamers and Tech enthusiasts, for the Rift is so far the most exciting Oculus product, is only in the longer term, an interesting novelty: Under the name of “Santa Cruz” Tinkers Facebook already been working on a new High-End Headset that works without cables or extra device. When “Santa Cruz”, which was previously shown together with two Hand controllers, will the market be ready, however, is unclear.

The business of virtual reality that you can immerse yourself with special glasses in artificial worlds, had not so far developed as dynamic as some experts have predicted. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had decided in 2014 to large, and for over two billion dollars the industry pioneer Oculus bought.

On Wednesday, Zuckerberg said the goal is to win a billion users for VR applications. “I dedicate myself more than ever, the future of Virtual Reality,” he said in San Jose, California. The Oculus Go, he think, is the “most accessible VR experience at all”.

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