Facebook opens a new store for apps Oculus Quest

Facebook opens a new store for apps Oculus Quest

Previously, developers of virtual reality had to go through a complicated process before their application is allowed to appear in the Oculus store Quest. In the future Facebook wants to offer an alternative channel for content distribution.


At Facebook there is good news for users of the Oculus Quest. In early March, the company said that the official alternative to side loading is in development.


Now Facebook confirms the project: at the beginning of 2021, the company wants to launch a new distribution channel for applications, which will allow developers to share applications with users Quest Quest without downloading and publication in the Oculus Store.


“Our process of curating will not disappear, but now that Quest has created a healthy and sustainable ecosystem, we are ready to open a new path for the development of virtual reality,” wrote Facebook in a blog Oculus.


Заголовок SideQuestX_Update


“To make it easier for developers to access users Quest, we want to inspire those who are developing a new wave of excitement for the Quest,” reads the blog. Facebook recommends that developers Go go to Oculus Quest with the possibility to publish their content on the new distribution channel.


On the website developers Oculus, the company provides instructions for migrating from 3DOF to 6DOF. Quest for developers who work on applications for companies, Facebook wants to offer analog channels for B2B.


Sidequest needs to maintain its right to exist


The introduction of new platforms of content distribution, probably will not make unnecessary Sidequest. With this platform, Facebook wants developers to easily create applications and test them with users, but notes that there are published applications should conform to the recommendations of the platform and content Oculus. For example, Quake or Pokémon VR, which violate the copyrights of third parties, Facebook just will not approve for distribution through their new platform.



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