Facebook: 10,000 people are working on VR and AR

The Oculus Rift was the first commercially successful VR/AR product. Now Facebook wants to add. (Photo: Shutterstock.com)

The employees of Reality Labs Division constitute around one-fifth of Facebook employees around the world. Four years ago, there were just 1,000 people.

The Social Media giant pushes apparently its activities in the field of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). A report published in The Information speaks of an “aggressive strategy” to build their own Hardware, and to be free in order for a piece of Apple and Google. As an indication of the article takes the number of employees in the affected Department to Hand.

With Oculus, it took its beginning

In 2007, the Oculus VR made-Department-at the time still alone responsible for this area – a much smaller proportion of the total group. Just about 1,000 employees, it counted, while Facebook had a total of about 19,000 people. Of about five percent to about 20 percent of the employee-share of The Offensive. Surprisingly, this is not the CEO Zuckerberg announced but already, he’s going to put half of its employees on the subject. He gave earlier instructions, where you are travelling. In an Interview, he indicated that the next Computing platform will consist of a combination between AR and VR.

Oculus is working on AR glasses in Ray-Ban Style

In addition to the machine-independent VR glasses Oculus Quest 2, which came out only a few months ago, it works Facebook in a pure AR glasses in the style of Ray-Ban. You should come this year on the market. Thus, Facebook joins the ranks of big Tech magnate. Google bought last the Smartglass manufacturer North and to work on a new edition of Google Glass. Also, Apple is sitting on an AR-glasses, and a series of Mixed-Reality products, so inside.

Already in 2019, t3n have the AR market, its participants and perspectives to be examined thoroughly.

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