Everything is digital here

Hereinspaziert, come on: What was once spirit tracks, mirror cabinets, Imax cinemas and laser shows by writhing dance floors reserved was, is now a part of the year the market of the attractions in the Museum. Digital art is a contemporary means of the optical Illusion of the limits of the Possible is exceeded, and immerse yourself in a world like something out of a dream – between Horror and laughter, Meditation and rush.

Ursula Scheer

Editor in the culture section.

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There is the newly opened Nxt Museum in Amsterdam, the announced with Aplomb, here are the art of tomorrow will be shown today. Not a bad announcement in a city, in the art of yesterday, at least with Rembrandt’s “night watch” has to offer. However, in the North of Amsterdam, where not so long ago, even the oil Tanks and cranes dominated the picture of a Harbor on the peak of the fossil era, indeed in the Future.

Behind the already something come into the years Overhoeks Tower is a new Block shoots after the other in the height. Excavators dig, steel struts protrude, image boards, bear witness to the construction of a beautiful new life in the greened Area on the water. The Nxt Museum, dedicated to as the first in the Netherlands exclusively to the new media arts, will soon be part of a chic and progressive neighborhood. Be container-shaped construction, however, lies in the charm of derelict industrial areas-showering area – what makes known to be the perfect environment for a Start-up.

Perhaps the Most striking thing about this advanced project, which was founded by Marketing expert, Merel van Helsdingen and Design specialist Mrs Natasha Greenhalgh, that it requires physical presence on-site. And the where but everywhere, by the necessities of the pandemic-the containment of fuels, the dawning Era of distance is declared, the non-contact communication and the virtual surrogate of the physical experience.

Enter the next Museum, because there is no data space in the network, germ-free through the Virtual Reality glasses? In Nxt the Museum, you have to be physically present to experience the much-touted Immersion. The White-Cube concept of traditional exhibition spaces, has given way to an escape of Darkrooms in which all-Around projections or the monumental Image surface, as well as entgrenzend.

The digital recalibration of our relationship to proximity and distance, Connective and Separative by Bogomir Doringer and Jesse Damiani, curated opening exhibition “Shifting Proximities”. The visitors should immerse you can learn sensual, in an experience that tickles the emotions and instincts, before the mind turns on. The first Installation is used as a community initiation rite: In Roelof Knols interactive floor projection “Connected” continue to create to Occur inevitably a network while changing covers. The dynamic polygonal isometric, which is formed in the projection, can be used as a symbol of a basic democratic Internet point – or the Inevitability.

The Installation “Topologies #1” by the British collective United Visual Artists separates the just Connected again. In dry ice fog, dense air cutting sharp beams of light angles and lines, so that it looks as if the room was divided, tended the soil, scattered or clustered people without your Intervention. That’s a theatrical set, blank with simple but effective tools; have a technically modest prelude to what follows.

Down in the Depths of the sea, in the Vastness of the universe, it is now. The artist Heleen Blanken has converted for their half-hour Video Installation, “Habitat” three-dimensional Scans of artifacts from the collection of the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, the software developer Naivi in a fantastic fluids computer simulation of the glow of natural landscapes. Looking we glide by in the currents, weighing under water forests and see waterfalls in different directions at the same time, pour. Such as stelae, for secret rituals crystalline black sculptures in front of the wall-filling screen a pool of water is limited.

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