European VRAR Congress. Virtual reality – real opportunities

European VRAR Congress. Virtual reality – real opportunities

How to conquer markets with VR-based services? How’s it going in virtual reality? Can VR cure your eyes? All these questions will be answered by the participants of the European VR / AR Congress.

The third edition of this event will be held on November 23-24 at the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw.

– The European VR/AR Congress is the most important event of its kind in our part of Europe on the role of virtual and augmented reality in industry, science and other fields of life. The program of the third edition of the conference touches on industries such as marketing, media, architecture, culture and broad business. This time we also prepared a particularly strong medical Block-says Piotr grashek, executive director of the Congress.

It will open with a lecture by Dr. Przemysław Korzeniowski from Imperial College London, who will talk about how VR simulators can help train surgeons.

– Currently, the most common method for doctors to acquire such skills is to assist more experienced colleagues during the procedures. But due to patient safety and high costs, this form of training is increasingly being questioned-explains Korzeniowski. – More emphasis is placed on training outside the operating room, and VR is perfect for this. It can create a customizable, repeatable training environment where you can hone your skills without compromising patients ‘health,” he explains.

VR and AR technologies are a chance to revolutionize the medical world, but also communication. Grzegorz Piechota-a researcher at the University of Oxford and Harvard Business School will explain why it is consumers themselves who are most often the perpetrators of rapid changes in many industries. And what products and services are missing to change consumer behaviour and what is the role of VR and AR in this process.

An example of the use of technology in advertising will be presented by Jacek Stefanowicz from VML Poland and Kuba Matyka from melt. They will describe a case study of the Samsung presents “the Missed Spaceflight” project, a campaign in which the VR experience not only advertised Samsung’s new hardware, but also “appeared” in an advertisement about making dreams come true. The speakers will talk about the idea, the VR experience and the advertising itself, from two points of view: the marketing agency and the VR studio.

Immersive storytelling gives audiences a greater sense of presence in the story itself. The space around the audience changes-instead of watching the story from the side, they look at it from the inside, becoming the main character of the surrounding, spherical world.

About this new way of communication will tell at the Congress Louis Jebb – founder and CEO of the British startup, which creates and sells journalistic content in virtual reality. The presentation will prove that the narrative using virtual, augmented and mixed reality allows content publishers not only to rebuild the declining trust of the audience in information, but also opens up prospects for the introduction of new business models for distributed content.

The details of production in VR technology will be discussed at the conference by the sound engineer, screenwriter and audio director, music producer Paweł uszyński. What are the development prospects, challenges and importance of surround sound for a full virtual reality experience? The author of the lecture will answer these questions by referring to two projects he worked on: the VR game” Interkosmos “and the binaural listening device”tunnel”. He will also share the experience of creating a binaural recording, by installing microphones in the ears of the actor-the main character.

An integral part of the Congress is the exhibition area, or expo. Manufacturers of VR / AR equipment and applications present their latest products. This time you will be there to see what the future of professional training might look like, test Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi Challenges-a new AR experience based on Star Wars themes, and play Gran Tourismo sport in the PlayStation 4 version, which premiered in October. For the second time, the Congress will be enriched by the Startup zone dedicated to the youngest companies in the industry and a series of workshops to deepen knowledge of the practical application of technology. More information and tickets are available at:

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