English and programming

English and programming

Although Nicholas rej wrote several centuries ago that Poles do not have geese and their own language, however, knowledge of foreign speech was useful in The Times of Rej (the poet was fluent in Latin), and in the 21st century. More and more poles declare knowledge of at least one foreign language. This is appreciated by foreign investors and employers. In particular, knowledge of the English language is not only useful, but even sought after in some professions. An example is the developers.

According to the Bulldogjob report of the IT community survey 2021, 100% of the surveyed professionals answered that they knew English. But does every person who wants to work as a programmer, tester or other IT specialist need to know English?

Should a programmer know English?

Theoretically, knowledge of English is not necessary for programming. Let’s repeat-theoretically. In fact, however, the ability to use this language in speech, reading and writing is very useful. A programmer without knowledge of English is incomplete. That is perhaps the best term to use in this context. It is not that such a programmer without language skills is less intelligent or less proficient in programming. Just without knowledge of English, the developer will encounter more problems than knowing this language, not to mention the more accessible sources of knowledge.

It seems that employers also appreciate the knowledge of English. Just look at job ads for developers on sites like Bulldogjob. In most recruitment, knowledge of the English language is mentioned among the expected skills (some of the ads are published even in English). Some recruiters are looking for programmers with at least a good command of English, and some require fluency. In very few cases, a basic level of proficiency in Shakespeare’s language is sufficient.

Sometimes, even when the announcement lacks information about the required English, it turns out that by default, the employer assumes that the candidate has such a skill. This means that even in the IT industry, which suffers from a very large deficit of specialists in programming, there may be a problem with finding a better job without knowledge of English. Especially when you’re just starting your career as a programmer. What’s all the yelling about?

What are English coders for?

First of all, it is difficult to think about a career in an international corporation without knowledge of English (sometimes it is also required to use a second foreign language, for example German), and especially when the superior is a foreigner. Polish companies are increasingly executing orders for foreign clients. This makes developers participate in such projects and often also have to contact representatives of foreign contractors.

There is nothing to deceive-programming languages are most often very related to English. All syntax uses words borrowed from this language. It is also often required that the names of variables, any classes, functions, and even interfaces, were in English. This also applies to comments placed in the code. More and more companies offer their products also outside Poland. Knowledge of this language is also necessary when the programmer receives code with English comments and will have to make changes to it.

It should also be noted that most of the documentation is done and made available in English. In addition without knowledge of this language, the programmer severely restricts its availability to sources of information. All news appear first most often in the “English” internet and it is there that you can find much more sources on programming.

Without knowledge of English you can forget about the free use of services almost mandatory for modern programmers how StackOverflow.com is GitHub.com.


A programmer without knowledge of English is like a car that ran out of fuel. It’s supposed to be possible to push or tow a vehicle like this, but for how long? A programmer without English will program, but he will not get rid of restrictions, which sooner or later will become a problem for the development of his professional career. Therefore, if you intend to work as a programmer in the future, start learning English right now. By the way, for those who are just starting a career as a coder, we recommend our article about the sins committed by promising juniors.

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