Employee command System in IT

Employee command System in IT

This is now a very commonly used system in recruitment. Many companies develop this area of activity, as it is an effective source of hiring suitable candidates for work. In this article, you will learn about both the advantages and disadvantages of the employee command system in it.

In the IT industry, this type of recruitment is justified. Programmers often already have a job and usually do not look for another one. An employee command system can give them an incentive to change jobs (often on better terms) by recommending a friend and then contacting them directly through a recruiter. Another argument is that companies primarily need an employee with experience supported by specific skills that are difficult to verify on the basis of the CV itself or during a recruitment interview. Therefore, the opinion of the recommending employee (preferably if he is a programmer or project manager) is very valuable, because he knows the candidate best and knows about his skills. In many companies (m.in. Google, HP, IBM, Credit Suisse) you can see the already operating “employee referral” programs, for which employees receive bonus wages or points that they can exchange for various benefits, training, benefits, etc.

Advantages of the employee command system:

  • Lower recruitment costs

Most employers point out that candidates on the recommendation generate an average of half the cost of employment. The introduction of the command system brings not only a return on the cost of the program, but also an increase in the productivity of the recruitment department, as well as the entire enterprise.

  • Shorter search time for the right candidate

It is enough that immediately after filling out the form by the employee, the recruiter immediately calls the potential candidate. It definitely shortens the search time for a candidate.

  • Candidates with proven skills

The person recommending is aware of the competence, skills of the future employee. He also knows how real his person can adapt to the conditions prevailing in the company. He knows his character traits, adaptability etc.

  • Supporting employer branding activities

Not only the recruitment department benefits, but also the employer. Using the employee command program, you create the image of a good employer. It is worth investing in modern employee command platforms and engaging in social media activities that facilitate and enable communication with potential employees. With these tools, you build relationships between the recommended, recommending and yourself, which can affect the positive perception of the brand.

  • Active participation of the employee in the prize system

In order for the command program to work in your company, it is worth thinking about the so-called gamealization system, which is intended to motivate and stimulate employees to action. What is it? A synopsis: games and competition indicates a combination of entertainment, pleasure with competition. This system is based on the principle of collecting points and rewarding people who successfully recommended the candidate. Thanks to this, the additional activity of the employee in your company is rewarded and becomes not just a waste of time, but a fun game in which everyone can win.

Disadvantages of the employee command system:

If the system of gamification or rewarding does not work smoothly in your company. Do not count on the fact that employees will waste time that they can allocate either for work or for a break-filling out forms.

If the forms in your company are multi-page, do not have clear, simple instructions and are very time consuming, then you can be sure that your employees will not want to dig through the pages of the questionnaire, which should be intuitive and short.

  • Workers ‘ fear of liability

Employees are often afraid to recommend their friends, because they may not prove themselves in the company or will not stay in it for too long after employment. They think that their command entails negative consequences; if they receive a reward, they can also receive a penalty for the failure of the candidate. However, the reality looks (or at least should look) different. The final decision on its adoption is made by the HR department, so in reality it is recruiters who take responsibility for it. It is worth educating and making your employees aware of the rules of the employee command system.

What do you need to keep in mind for work orders to be effective?

This is a very important element of an effective command system. It is on him that the image of your brand depends both outside the company and inside-among the employees. If the candidate does not receive any feedback from your company after sending a resume, a letter of motivation, he will certainly direct his questions to the friend who recommended him. In this case, your employee and the candidate are in an awkward position because neither of them knows what is going on. The consequence of such actions can be disgust and anger. The employee will stop using the command program, and the potential candidate will not speak well about your company.

  • Information on the programme and establishment of its operating rules

Your employees should learn during the training: what the employee referral program is and why it is worth getting involved in it, as well as in what situations they can expect a reward, and in what situations they can not.

If you want to enter a command program, you need to include the gamification system in it. Employees want to be rewarded for additional work that benefits the company’s prosperity. It is not necessarily money must be a reward, it can also be training, interesting workshops, benefits, discounts etc.

Examples of companies that use the employee Command program:

Many foreign IT companies based in Poland use cash prizes, and several Polish companies have followed their example. Below is a summary prepared by the service Bankier.pl

  • Allegro for the employee’s order pays 5 thousand. after completion of the probationary period
  • Atos pays a bonus salary of between 3,6 thousand. zł and 9 thousand. zł. The amount depends on the position and competence of the candidate.
  • Bitstream gives forks 2153zł – 7177zł depending on the position, the type of contract.
  • Luxoft-in this company, as in others, the amount of the cash prize is determined by the position and varies between 500zł and 10 thous. PLN
  • Nokia-here the salary amounts are strictly determined from the position and experience of the fork are 5 thousand.zł-7 thousand. PLN
  • Sii Poland-the company pays for the employee’s order 1 000 – 4 000 PLN (depending on the position) and up to PLN 8000 for selected recruitment processes.

In this list it is worth adding Wrocław company pixers, which pays 50% of the amount of his first salary for a successful order (hiring an employee). The remuneration is paid to the person who recommended the employee, regardless of whether he works at pixers.

3E Software house, in the case of employment of a recommended candidate, pays a certain bonus upon renewal of his employment contract after a three-month probationary period, and then a second same bonus if the candidate works for more than six months. According to Michał rostocki, member of the management board of 3e, ” splitting into two payments and stretching over time is due to the fact that it is necessary to convince oneself that the candidate is a good and valuable employee. Unfortunately, 3 months is often not enough to say that.”

As you can see, the employee command system is a growing trend among enterprises, and at the same time very effective. Each participant of the program gains something: the employer-a new employee, employed in the company-an additional bonus, and the future employee-a new perspective on the development of his career.

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