ElastImpact: VR glasses strike back

ElastImpact: VR glasses strike back

Taiwan developed a prototype, which causes the tactile feedback via email.


We have already presented a few interesting products from the point of view of haptics in VR. And for fans of Beat Saber specially designed SUBPAC tactile vest.


Now ElastImpact, in the early stages of development, involves the transfer of tactile connection, not for anything, but directly for the person.




“Who wants to give, too, should be able to!”. Something like that could be the main idea of Blue-Rui Tsai and Bing-Yu Chen of National Taiwan University when they developed their virtual reality glasses with head.


Two engineers have resorted to the simple remedy: the classical gum. Their accessory is able to strike the user on several levels. The strike, called “normal impact”, is responsible for straightforward feedback, and “tangential impact” rotates on the front panel and into the circular frame glasses VR.

ElastImpact is on top of VR points connected to them. Contact occur between three impact devices, called “Drummers”. Each of these devices includes an elastic band which is controlled by the mechanical brake and servo motor. The strip is stretched DC motor to focus the force of impact.


When the brake is released, the elastic band, which is detachable, which provides for the immediate impact. Two “drummer” located on the left and right sides of the head, the third one — tangentially on the front side points VR.


Researchers have conducted the first full test of the prototype. They wanted to figure out how ElastImpact affects the user interaction in a virtual reality and whether it improves the perception of VR.


Elastimpact в лицо чувствую VR


Using the Unity3D SDK and SteamVR was created two VR games: a Boxing match and goalkeeper simulator. A total of twelve subjects aged 21 to 27 years was forced to endure a virtual beating. The testers who were scattered at different angles strikes the opponent and balls, confirmed that the feedback mostly positive.


Research led designers to the conclusion that ElastImpact extends the capabilities of virtual reality. However, there are still opportunities for improvement. The weight of the equipment was too large, and users are not able to feel exactly whether the impact of the top or bottom.


It is not known whether ElastImpact available as a VR accessory for HTC Vive and Co, as its own VR glasses, or just to the market. Size, weight and noise of the engine while say the opposite.



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