"Dungeons & Dragons" is in virtual reality

Glasses on and get out of the real world? Virtual Reality glasses have the reputation to be a little social pastime. Player with the Headset and the headphones on the head with get, finally, is often not even what is happening in their immediate environment.

Well possible, however, that you will be the judge in the foreseeable future, quite different to the glasses – and then, if, for example, video chat Apps, and Multiplayer online games for virtual reality (VR) to conquer the market.

A first step in this direction has just made the Oculus VR, the maker of the most well-known VR glasses, Oculus Rift. Since the company was acquired in 2014 by Facebook, is advanced, it is also the area of social interactions more into the field of view.

Voice chat with Oculus Social

A result of these efforts can be tried for a short period of time. Since the end of October, the Alpha Version of an application called the Oculus Social is available.

First, the user made a selection, choose a matching Avatar. Oculus Social allows it to enter together with other users in the same virtual space. There, Vimeo can be viewed and Twitch content with head movements, and voice chat to communicate. The application is tailored for Samsung Gear VR glasses, in the case of a Samsung Smartphone as a screen to the glasses frame is pushed.

The Oculus Social concept, especially a promise to be much more far-reaching concepts. However, other developers will keep a lot of the new ways of collectively experienced, virtual worlds, such as the VR-Software company AltspaceVR.

A table for D&D Games

AltspaceVR has teamed up with the game publisher Wizards of the Coast: the Latter is a US company produces collector cards, especially the “Pen & Paper”role-playing games. By far the best-known tabletop role-playing game is likely to be “Dungeons & Dragons” (D&D).

For the world, and very active D&D-municipality of the AltspaceVR developer online after formed a complete game scene. In the published programme, the Scenery is reminiscent of a virtual wine tavern, in the middle of a game table. On this table, the D&D game required utensils.

The players themselves are as avatars present, one assumes as well as offline, the role of the so-called Dungeon master, game Manager. This has a few extra abilities, he can switch between battle scenarios and the appropriate music to play.

What’s next?

For the common game a date must be set, the participants will be given a Link that leads you to a virtual tavern. With the help of the left, the player can come back later again to get there.

The D&D game is just published as AltspaceVRs developer-in-chief Bruce thinks more Wooden already. “The next big challenge is to let the people have their own games to allow you to basically us to take,” he said to the Tech magazine “Gizmodo”.

“Gizmodo” points out in his article, by the way, the fact that the D&D-App is currently only compatible with the Oculus Rift DK2 compatible. To this unit, it comes hardly, in the Oculus Online store is sold out of these glasses variant in the meantime. D&D Fans have to wait so probably until the beginning of 2016, the Oculus Rift will come regularly to the market.

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