DreamGlass Air — AR headset that offers a personal cinema for smartphones, game consoles and drones

DreamGlass Air — AR headset that offers a personal cinema for smartphones, game consoles and drones

DreamGlass Air surpassed their goal on Kickstarter by almost 730 000 USD.


Until the end of the campaign on Kickstarter still has 15 days, but now it’s safe to say that portable AR headset DreamGlass Air successfully received funding. Already, more than 2,300 investors collected a total of more than 740 000 dollars, far exceeding the initial goal of the team is just 15 000 dollars.


It is expected that delivery to investors will begin in December of this year. Glasses DreamGlass Air AR uses augmented reality to provide users with private browsing, including a 100-inch screen 2.5 K with a large angle of view of 90 degrees, multiscreen function, stereo sound and compatibility with many other devices users.



DreamGlass Air power from its own dedicated battery (up to 5 hours playing time) allows you to connect to smartphones and tablets, computers and game consoles, creating a large screen on the basis of the AR, allowing you to enjoy content in private. Unlike other AR headsets available, such as Microsoft’s HoloLens or Magic Leap 2 One: Creator’s Edition, DreamGlass designed specifically for use as a personal screen and not a dedicated computing device. As a result, the headset serves as an additional tool for existing devices.





In various usage scenarios listed on the official Kickstarter page, the device can be used for different purposes, from private TV screen for passengers in the back seat, to an additional display for the graphic artist. Users can connect their favorite headphones to the device via 3.5 mm Jack or Bluetooth stereo audio, and even charge their mobile devices using the built-in battery.







As already mentioned, DreamGlass Air is compatible with many electronic devices, including iPhone and Android, Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Mac and PC, as well as various drones DJI.

What is missing in DreamGlass Air AR Glasses, kompensiruet accessibility and convenience, offering customers much less expensive, although much more simple, viewing AR.





DreamGlass Air AR Glasses are still available for order on Kickstarter, and those who are willing to pay $ 289 or more, guaranteed headset in December. Although interest in these AR glasses is so great that most likely all of December’s gadgets already przekazane)



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