Dispelix and JBD partner to combine their waveguide and MicroLED display technologies

Dispelix and JBD partner to combine their waveguide and MicroLED display technologies

The Finnish company Dispelix with patents of diffractive waveguide technology has signed a long-term partnership agreement with Jade Bird Displays (JBD), a Chinese manufacturer of MicroLED screens, for the creation of multiple reference designs of AR glasses and visors next generation.

Dispelix is a designer and manufacturer with the patent technology of wave guides advanced as DPX, a element transparent 1 mm thick able to pick up a projected image and transmit it to the eye, producing two models, Selvä and Säde, and variations of these, customized for their clients, the that can be manufactured eyewear AR light with a FOV of between 30 and 50 degrees.

JBD it is known for manufacturing small, bright and efficient MicroLED screens and projectors in Shanghai, of which they already have monochrome and polychrome development kits. The collaboration between the two companies aims to launch several ranges of AR glasses and visors aimed at both companies and consumers, of different prices and characteristics.

The monochrome projector has a volume of only 0.35 cc, a field of view of 30°, a nominal weight of 0.60 grams and is available in red, green and blue. It can be used for the development of monochrome smart glasses or in RGB waveguides with multiple input couplers for polychromatic applications.

The polychrome projector has the same FOV, but it is bulkier (1.3 cc) and heavier (2.3 grams). In this one he uses an X-cube prism to combine the images of three individual monochrome panels fixed to their faces. Both monochrome and polychrome projectors focus to infinity. The MicroLED used in the flagship reference design is JBD’s AmµLED projector.

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