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Red flows a small stream of blood through the port facilities of Karnaca, behind them the city up, growing the hills: The stately homes of the aristocracy, on the one hand, the work settlements, the sweep at irregular intervals, dust storms, on the other. It follows the stream, you find at its origin two things, “the face of Dishonored 2”: because of its Oil slaughtered whale, and a Rune.

Industrial and magic combine in the world of “Dishonored”, in Karnaca, according to Dunwall is the second largest city of the Empire of the Isles. A town, somewhere between the French southern and colonial Dreams, settled – and the real Star of “Dishonored 2”.

As a “Dishonored” about four years ago, appeared, it came almost out of nowhere. It was developed by the then-largely unknown to the Studio arcane in Lyon, France. There is also Harvey Smith works, a game developer whose career at the legendary Looking Glass Studio began.

Corvo Attano

>Probably, therefore, it is a game line, the classics such as “System Shock” and “Thief” and “Deus Ex” to “Bioshock” extends from the Looking-Glass. Title, the players, only the objectives, but not in the way prescribed and gave the opportunity to develop his own style.

The in an early industrial Empire based “Dishonored” was exactly the second part expands the possibilities yet.

“Dishonored 2” comes 15 years after the events of the first game, and reflects its history. Again, a Empress is snatched away from her Kingdom, again Corvo Attano must save this realm.

The actual story is only a little more than a frame that holds the Level together. She leaves the stage to the small stories of the game. The characters have little concern for the countless spaces that tell just by their furnishings, and their state of something. And, not least, the history, the create a player by connecting their experiences and discoveries in Karnaca.


Playstation-game: The wonderful world of “Dishonored 2”

>So it is also much more interesting to play the game again, to see new Details, to assess new opponent, to treat in a different way. You could spend weeks trying to just run through the city and to explore it with a mechanical heart. The whistleblower to runes and comment to people and places at the same time. There is even the supposedly worst criminals, a humanity, and players with a moral compass. No one is only good or only evil in Karnaca. This is also true for the players and their forces.

Sneaking, spells, murders: Everything is possible

Assigned to the two to the player’s choice of characters to play, finally, “Dishonored can play 2” as Corvo or the young Empress Emily Kaldwell. So two very different game experiences are offered, so you can find a style of his own, and these vary. Sneaking, spells, murders: everything is possible, Everything can be combined, everything has an influence on the state of the world. The bloody man goes on, the more dark the environment is.

“Dishonored 2” is a game in which you save often and back loads. Not necessarily because you died, but because you managed to do so, as has been imagined. Because you get the feeling that the move can still be elegant. Corvo gets to the forces, the player of the first part you already know. Between the slow speed, and the attack by rats swarm his powers are very straight forward, a little subtle. Emily, however, magic has, the playful and associated work, which always brings forth interesting results.


Virtual places: So nice game worlds

>The Domino effect, for example, you have to be to attack only an opponent, to allow the enemies in the area the same treatment, the DoppelgangeR can be used as a Voodoo doll abused, and the possibility to get quickly from one place to another, is like the leap of a cat. Again and again we would like to use the forces to browse to each and every street, every house and every room in Karnaca.

So how has dominated in London is reminiscent to the city of Dunwall, the first part – and here, too, a guest appearance is Karnaca eye-catching, vibrant world and a Playground with depth at the same time. It is inspired from Lyon, the hometown of chief designer Sébastien Mitton. He uses the long history and the architecture of Lyons, in order to build with Karnaca is a city that is just a backdrop, but a world with Gravity.

Believe in the freedom of the player and of the spirit

Mitton is colonial structures, creates different districts, which have specific functions. He has built them the way you would naturally grown. From the first settlers to the residents at the time of the game, a parallel 19. Century. All generations have left their mark. Again and again one finds the Remains of older settlements, the city has grown.

A mysterious old mansion in Karnaca

>Karnaca is not only an end in itself, but also playful, brilliant. Where the choice between stealth and Action, what that means in many Games, the choice between an open fight and Crawl through ventilation shafts, it is much more varied. In addition, Dishonored 2 is the home of a mad inventor, and the ruined Villa of a mine-owner’s two brilliant Level, from which other developers could have made all the games.

“Dishonored 2” will not convince by Action and bombastic history. It believes in the freedom of the player and of the spirit, a wide selection of perfectly functioning of the tools available. It creates a unique world and is one of the best and most beautiful games of the last few years.

“Dishonored 2” Bethesda, for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC, from 50 Euro; USK: Ab 18 years of age

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